May 4 2011

Antonius, Kyllonen, Palmer Among April’s Biggest Winners

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Despite having a rough start to 2011, Finnland’s Patrik Antonius emerged as the biggest online poker winner of April with $2.3 million in profit. Prior to Black Friday, Antonius was down by almost $500k for the year. The last two weeks of the month saw him winning $1.5 million and $800k respectively. Antonius is now one of the top five high stakes grinders for the year, and his momentum could easily carry him to #1.

2009 EPT Copenhagen winner Jens “Ingenious89″ Kyllonen, also of Finnland, was the month’s second biggest winner. Although he may still be better known as a live tournament player, Kyllonen’s recent performance predicts that he’ll appear in plenty of online poker headlines in the near future.

Against unlikely odds, US player Scott “URnotINdanger2″ Palmer finished in the number 3 spot for the month with $956k in the black. He road an unfortunate downswing for the majority of the 2011 so far, and was only able to play during the first two weeks of the month due to Black Friday.

The fourth spot belongs to French Full Tilt Poker pro Rui Cao, who played almost 9,000 hands to win $902k. As with Antonius and Palmer, Cao suffered from some inconsistent play early on in the year. He emerged from a $250k deficit primarily by playing the all-star 6-Max PLO $300 / $600 that have been popular at Full Tilt the past two weeks.

Quietly arriving at number 5 is bixiu, who has been playing consistent online poker for years despite hiding his identity. He earned $492k last month over the course of 7,208 hands.

The month’s biggest loser was Andreas “skjervoy” Torbergsen, who lost an enormous $1.5 million in April to go negative by $674k for the year. He lost most of his money at the same PLO tables in which Rui Cao dominated.

Gus Hansen, despite being the biggest winner in January and February and the second biggest in March, was the worst player of the month aside from Torbergsen. He dropped $964k, though he’s still positive by $3.1 million for the year.

Other losers included Tom Dwan (down $513k), Ziigmund (down $481k) and David Oppenheim (down $480k).

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