Apr 26 2011

Antonius Scores $560k Over Weekend

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Though Gus Hansen may currently be the face of Full Tilt Poker’s high stakes online poker tables, Finnish pro Patrik Antonius has been the most consistent since Black Friday. He absolutely crushed the sky-high stake level games this past weekend to win $560k.

It only took Antonius a measly 388 hands to earn the incredible sum. Antonius started off by ripping through Gus Hansen at a heads up PLO table at the $300 / $600 stake level. He then went on to a 6-Max PLO session at the same stakes, dicing up top-quality opponents such as FinnishNightmare, LokoIsBack, skjervoy and NoPasaran.

Antonius now finds himself positive by almost $1.5 million since Black Friday, when Full Tilt officially announced that it was pulling out of the US online poker market.

Even more surprising than Antonius’ recent domination of Full Tilt was the return of supposed Canadian high stakes grinder XWINK, who made headlines only a few weeks ago with massive wins and a deadly downswing, all within a time frame of only a few days. XWINK, whose identity has yet to be revealed, engaged in 6,000 hands of PLO to win $263k.

XWINK is known for his ability to quickly turn a few thousand dollars into a million+, as well as the opposite. The lack of US players at the site, and the reduction in overall competition levels that comes along with it, should allow him to hang on a little longer this time.

Illari “Ziigmund” Sahamies, who has been flip-flopping regarding his status as an online poker pro, received one more reason to keep playing when he won $137k over the weekend.

The biggest losers of the weekend included O Fortuna PLS (down $217k), ronnyr37617 (down $181k) and Peter Jetten (down $134k).

Although he’s been largely absent from online poker headlines in recent weeks, Viktor “Isildur1″ Blom managed to squeeze out a minor win in the SuperStar Showdown series. His latest match was against online qualifier Mastermixus, who he topped by $1,279 after playing 2,500 hands of NLHE at the $5 / $10 stake level.

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