Dec 28 2009

How Poker Players Can Make Money Betting On MMA Fights

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ufcAdding a little sports betting into your arsenal is a good way to make more money as an online poker player.

Most people are confused when it comes to betting on MMA fights, but ther are actually pretty wasy to learn and make money on.

Here are 3 of my best tips for making money on MMA fights…

#1 – Look for the value in the underdogs

The biggest mistake most bettors make is they try to win money by betting on the big favorites (-300 or more). This is the worst strategy because the big favorites don’t win enough over the long term to be a profitable bet.

Instead you should look for value in the underdogs. Underdogs who are in the +100 or +200 range are usually a good bet. Also finding underdogs who are up against a very popular favorite are usually a great bet.

#2 – Stay away from the wild knockout fighters

Wild knockout fighters over the past 2 years have a bad track record of winning big fights.

A better bet over the long haul for winning your bets is to bet on fighters who have great ground games such as jiu jitsu fighters. Guys like Georges St. Pierre, BJ Penn and Dustin Hazelett whether as an underdog or a slight favorite have been winning bets in the UFC.

#3 – Make sure you find the best odds for the fight

This seems pretty obvious, but a lot of bettors just bet with whatever odds they have available. The difference in odds between many of the top online sportsbooks is very significant, and a fight that has BJ Penn at -250 might also have him at -210.

The odds usually vary a lot for MMA fights, just like they would for boxing.

You’re cheating yourself out of a lot of money by not looking around for the best odds.

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