May 26 2011

Bodog launches preemptive strike against domain seizure

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Bodog has always been the one online gaming site that is not afraid to give a big middle finger to the US Department of Justice, and because of this they have become masters at staying one step ahead of any type of prosecution. For proof of this look no further than the move Bodog made on Tuesday, when they officially switched to the domain name in lieu of the more well known

By moving to the .eu domain Bodog has basically taken away one of the DOJ and FBI’s most potent weapons as they continue to crackdown on online gaming sites that are offering their services to US residents.

I’m not enough of an Internet guy to understand why this is, but apparently .com addresses originate (or fall into the jurisdiction of) the United States, which allows the US government to seize these domains if they allege illegal activity. On the other hand, the .eu addresses are located in jurisdictions where online gambling is legal, and therefore not subject to being seized by the US because local law prevails. *I probably have a few specifics incorrect there, but this is basically the case.*

Bodog is calling the shift an effort to expand into new markets according to, but anyone who has following the online poker world over the past month knows that the move was directly influenced by the US DOJ and FBI.

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