May 28 2011

Cake Poker confiscates $60k from players

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In what could turn out to be one of the worst decisions ever made by an online poker room, Cake Poker recently confiscated just over $60,000 from a player’s account because of a glitch in one of the Cake Poker Network’s skin’s software that allowed a few people to play with funds that were not in their accounts.

In a post made on’s poker forum, the player in question posted his exchange with the Cake Poker security team, the pertinent part being:

One of the partner sites on the Cake Network had a security issue which involved some accounts bringing fraudulently acquired funds to the tables and losing them. Your account was one of the accounts which won funds from one these fraudulent accounts ($60,614.10). We are sure you recognized and understood that the manner in which these accounts were playing against you was not rational poker. We apologize for this unfortunate issue but we cannot allow these funds to be retained in your poker account since they were not legitimate funds to begin with. These funds have now been removed from your account.


Cake Poker Security

I don’t know how the player in question was suppose to differentiate between a lousy poker player who was playing with money he didn’t really possess and any other lousy player who is playing with funds they actually have!

What would Cake Poker have done if the player had lost to the fraudulent account? Would they have refunded his money> I highly doubt it based on their handling of the actual scenario. This is perhaps the worst thing the Cake Poker Network could have done as one of the few remaining online poker sites/networks.

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