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Jul 19 2010

Official Song of Poker… Kinda

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Every now and then you get lucky. Last night, I was lucky enough to receive this MP3 from a guy known as DC. Words can’t really describe it so just listen.

Here are the lyrics for those who want to follow along:

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May 25 2010

Quit Letting your Days Pass You By

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Mike had a good guest post on Kevin’s blog about making shit happen that I thought was spot on when it comes to this industry. You eventually get to a point where you know enough to make it happen. It’s just a matter of doing it. I’ve been to a lot of seo conferences, social media conferences, super expensive small conferences, and  of course poker conferences. One thing that I’ve come away with every time is exactly what Mike was talking about. You just need to do it, now. Sitting around and talking shop all day isn’t going to make you any money in the end.

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May 23 2010

Not So Quick Update

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As you can see my old domain is redirecting to this one. I made this change because I am going to start writing posts again and I figured I might as well do it on my site instead of my old blog. So if you have a blog and it used to link to my old site, feel free to update the link. As you can see I have kept everyone in the blogroll who was on the old one. I know half of you haven’t updated your blogs in months, but neither have I so I’ve kept you all up.

So what have I been up to?

I’ve really just been working on this site. I’ve pretty much let every other project go stale because this is the one that means the most to me and in my eyes it’s the only one worth pursuing. As you can see at Mike’s Blog , we recently went to a search conference in Tampa. While it was fun, we both pretty much agree that what we do is much different than what “they” do. We go to learn, they go because their trip is paid for and their boss told them. I’m pretty much burnt out on conferences. It boils down to this: If I want to get bombed and stay out until 6am, I can do that in my own town and not pay thousands of dollars to go do it in eastern Europe. I have the knowledge and tools I need to make things work, it’s just a matter of sitting down and doing it.

Some of what I’ve been up to consists of building up the strategy section and posting kick ass infographics like this and this. So keep checking back here, I’ve got a few more REALLY kick ass infographics coming up that your are gonna want to link to. ;-)

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