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Oct 19 2010

100+ Pro Poker Players on Twitter

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You can pick which of your favorites to follow, or include them all by following this list:

15 Most Famous:

Andy Bloch – @andy_bloch

Bio: Plays exclusively at Holds two electrical engineering degrees from MIT and a JD from Harvard Law. As of 2009 his total live tournament winnings exceed 4.2 mil, half of which were earned at various WSOP events.

Annie Duke – @AnnieDuke

Bio: Columbia University graduate who holds the women’s record for most “in the money” finishes at the World Series of Poker. As of 2010 her total live tourney winnings exceeded 4.27 mil. Her 38 cashes at the WSOP account for 1.12 mil of those winnings. She is also the sister of Howard Lederer.

Barry Greenstein – @BarryGreenstein

Bio: Holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Holds 3 World Series of Poker bracelets and 2 World Poker Tour titles. As of 2010, his total live tourney winnings exceed 7.1 mil. His 46 WSOP cashes account for 2.28 mil of those winnings. Is the step-dad of pro poker player Joe Sebok.

Daniel Negreanu – @RealKidPoker

Bio: Is a Canadian pro poker player of Romanian descent with 4 World Series of Poker bracelets and 2 World Poker Tour Championship titles. He is ranked 2nd in the all-time career earnings list behind Phil Ivey and is also currently the star of the poker game show Million Dollar Challenge. As of May 2010, his total live tourney winnings exceed 12.5 mil. His 43 cashes at the WSOP account for 3.3 mil of those winnings.

Doyle Brunson – @TexDolly

Bio: Has played poker professionally for over 50 years. He is a two-time WSOP main event champ, a Poker Hall of Fame inductee and author. He has won 10 WSOP bracelets. He has also only 1 of 5 players to win both the WSOP Main Event and the World Poker Tour title. In 2006, Bluff Magazine voted him as the #1 most influential force in the world of poker. As of 2010, his total live tourney winnings exceed 5.9 mil with 2.94 mil of those earnings from the WSOP.

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Oct 10 2010

Hansen Down $1.5 Million on Week

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As usual, Full Tilt Poker is the site where you will find the biggest high stakes poker swings on the Internet. Amongst the poker pros having bad weeks for the first week of October is Gus Hansen – who has now lost about $1.5 million for the month of October. Hansen has been having his share of bad luck with online high stakes poker this week – joining the recently tilted Isildur1. However, this past week has likely been one of the worst on record for the Danish poker professional. Hansen topped Dwan this week for the amount of hands played – logging nearly 8,500. However, unlike Dwan, this past week will not be one that Hansen ever wants to relive.

The hits started on Monday, when Hansen entered a $500/$1,000 game against the high stakes poker players skjervoy, DrugsOrMe and Urindanger. All told, Hansen lost about $850,000 to the three players. By far, DrugsOrMe robbed Hansen the most, taking around $503,000 from the poker pro. Across seven days, Hansen lost his $1.5 million, adding to his 2010 losses of about $3.6 million. This recent loss makes Hansen the hardest hit high stakes player for the year, unless of course Isildur1 keeps up his recent play.

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Oct 10 2010

Isildur1 Still Struggling to Make a Comeback

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The world of high stakes poker is a world full of huge swings – sometimes you snatch up a million dollar pot and ride it for a while; other times it seems like you’re hemorrhaging chips. The latter has certainly been the case for Isildur1, who suffered another bad hit this past week. Widely regarded as being the Swedish poker professional, Viktor Blom, Isildur1 hit the $100/$200 NL Texas Holdem tables this week, and they hit back. One of the worst single hits that Isildur1 took came on Wednesday when he dropped about $87,000 in only about 160 hands. This hit came to another rising star in the “anonymous high stakes poker player league,” KTPOKP.

One of the first critical hands came when Isildur showed a 10/Ace off-suited against KTPOKP’s suited Jack/Nine. After building a $3,600.00 pot pre-flop, the board came with a great flop for both players – Ace, Queen, Ten (no spades). However, this gave KTPOKP a few straight options while it gave Isildur1 a shot at a full house. The next two cards came as the King and Three of Clubs, giving KTPOKP a straight to the Ace and Isildur1 his original two pair. Of course, Isildur1 took the chance to call a bluff at the Club flush by shoving and KTPOKP bit hard. This wouldn’t be the first time that Isildur1 lost out a strong hand to a straight.

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Oct 8 2010

Dwan May Be Bouncing Back With Huge $1.5 Million Win

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It’s no secret that Tom “durrr” Dwan has had a lot to think about lately. Falling behind in his high stakes challenge against Jungleman12 and losing a few huge pots hasn’t helped the 22 year old poker professional get back on his feet. However, Dwan recently played a high stakes game against another name around the Full Tilt Poker high stakes tables – Ilari Sahamies (or Ziigmund). Over just a few sessions at the $500/$1,000 tables, Tom Dwan managed to work his way up over Sahamies to help October be a $1.5 million month thus far.

Last Sunday night, Dwan decided to try his hand at the $500/$1,000 PL Omaha tables at Full Tilt Poker and found Sahamies waiting for him. For Dwan, this must have been a critical night as many reports show that Dwan was hit for almost $800,000 in losses during the month of September. One of the biggest pots for the night went in Dwan’s favor – a lucky eight high straight that awarded him a huge $415,996 pot. During this hand, Sahamies was in pre-flop for about $18,000. The flop came Five-Eight-Jack with a couple of hearts. Sahamies bet $36,000 but was met by a flash raise by Dwan for $144,000. Sahamies decided to shove with his 2 pair and Dwan called with an open ended flush and straight just begging to hit the board.

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Oct 1 2010

Gus Hansen Caps September With a Major Loss

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Apparently, the old adage that what goes up, must come down is hitting home for Gus Hansen. Despite recently winning his first ever World Series of Poker wrist weight, Gus Hansen was destroyed by Ilari Sahamies – otherwise known as Ziigmund. The online poker session Hansen will surely hope to forget took place on September 29th over the course of just under 1,200 hands of online poker. During this heads up session of $500/$1,000 Pot Limit Omaha, Hansen dropped about $900,000 to Sahamies. Along with his career capping win at the WSOP, Hansen was also doing very well on the high stakes tables – recovering from a crippling loss of his bankroll this year.

Sahamies was not the only online poker player licking his chops courtesy of Hansen. During the night, Hansen was toppled by a trio of high stakes sharks including Skjervoy and Cole South. When the smoke lifted, Hansen had been beat on every single table that he played.

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