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Nov 14 2011

Matt Glantz Offers Unique Promotions

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In the past few years, Matt Glantz has made a name for himself as one of the most skilled and consistent players in live tournament poker. He dominated the PokerStars EPT London High Roller in 2009, winning $883k in the process. His other wins include a 12th place finish at the second Epic Poker League Main Event for $46k, and a 14th place finish at the first EPL Main Event for $43k. In combination with four separate WSOP final table cashes, Glantz has amassed over $4 million in career earnings.

Now, Glantz is offering a unique promotion in which you can receive a share of his winnings in upcoming events. Glantz is promoting his new website/blog, By creating an account on the site, you’ll have a chance to be randomly selected to earn 10% of whatever Glantz wins at WPT Jacksonville, scheduled for November 18.

If you’d rather not leave your potential earnings up to chance, you can instead refer other individuals to Glantz’s website. The three biggest referral generators will each receive 5% of Glantz’s winnings at the Bellagio 5 Diamond Main Event. The event is scheduled for December 6 and sure to have a large prize pool due to its $10k buy-in.

If you’re unable to make the top 3 but still crack the top 5, you’ll receive 5% of whatever Glantz wins in the next EPL Main Event, scheduled for December 14. If Glantz is able to repeat his performance from the previous EPL Main Events, that would mean a sum of over $2,000 for each player. An outright EPL Main Event victory, on the other hand, would be worth closer to $50,000 each for the lucky top referrers.

Signing up for Glantz’s new site is relatively easy, requiring only your email address and a username. You can also sign up by using your Facebook account.

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Nov 11 2011

Gold Medalist Marcus Hellner Joins Team PokerStars SportStar

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PokerStars made an incredible sponsorship deal when the site signed Pius Heinz earlier this month, just before he went on to become the first German poker player to ever win a World Series of Poker Main Event. The world’s biggest online poker site is already aiming in a new direction with its next sponsorship deal, announcing that Olympic gold medalist Marcus Hellner would be coming in as the team’s newest member.

Hellner has won two Olympic gold medals in cross-country skiing. PokerStars’ announcement that the Swede would be joining its professional team came on Thursday. You can expect to see Hellner making appearances at live PokerStars-sponsored events, and you may even get the chance to play directly against him on the virtual felt if you keep an eye out for the handle “M.Hellner.”

Both of Hellner’s gold medals came at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, when he took first place in both the 4x10k Relay and the 30k X-Country. He continued to prove his cross-country dominance in 2011 when he emerged victorious in the Nordic World Ski Championships.

Hellner first became known in the poker world in 2010, when he faced off against fellow Olympian Peter Northug in the World Series of Poker. The festivities includes a Main Event last-longer challenge, a match of heads-up hold’em and a televised roller-ski race right on the pavement in Las Vegas.

Hellner is far from the first professional athlete to strike a sponsorship deal with PokerStars. Team PokerStars SportsStar already includes names such as Gulater Salles (pro race car driver), Fatima Moreira de Melo (pro field hockey player), Sebastian Chabal (pro rugby player) and Boris Becker (pro tennis player).

Although Hellner primarily sticks to Hold’em and Omaha, he said that he’s looking forward to learning new game types from his new teammates.

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May 30 2011

Sunday Majors 5/29: PokerStars Sunday Million with Surprising Overlay and 9-Way Deal

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All was back to normal this week, according to what has become the norm for the Sunday majors after Black Friday. With the SCOOP series concluded on PokerStars, tournaments that were on hiatus – Warm-Up and Million – were back on the schedule, though many of the Stars weekly events had a tough time drawing their usually sizeable crowds. The Sunday Million, for example, had an overlay for the first time in, well, a long time.

Part of the lower numbers in many Sunday majors could be due to the fact that high stakes players are in route to Las Vegas, and they will not be allowed to play online poker within American borders. Whatever the reason, events like the Warm-Up and Bigger $55 on PokerStars and Sunday Brawl on Full Tilt saw a drop in numbers.

Speaking of which, let’s take a look:


The Bigger $55 ($50 + $5)
Guarantee: $200K
Players: 4,502 (last week was 4,600)
Prize pool: $225,100 (last week was $230,000)
Paid players: 675

1st place: pankarek ($28,812.80)
2nd place: eric5484 ($20,146.45)
3rd place: xPOPOVICIx ($13,415.96)
4th place: SKUNK-FUU ($11,255.00)
5th place: venomzorg ($9,004.00)
6th place: skunken1969 ($6,573.00)
7th place: lubos1980cz ($4,502.00)
8th place: Timor83 ($2,701.20)
9th place: macacik25 ($1,755.78)

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May 30 2011

Sam Barnhart Barnstorms the WSOP Circuit National Championship, Wins $300K

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The World Series of Poker Circuit wrapped its annual nine-month series with a new event this year, a National Championship that offered the 100 qualifying players from the season the chance to play in a $1 million freeroll. The players earned their seats by winning a WSOP-C $1,500 Main Event in the 2010/2011 season, final tabling one of the four Regional Championships, earning top positions with overall ranking points, or winning the title of Best All-Around Player.

Those qualifiers gathered at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on May 27 for the freeroll, with the exception of several who couldn’t participate for personal reasons. Day 1 whittled the field down to 35 players after eight levels, and La Sengphet was the chip leader with 165K. Some of the players who fell on Day 2 included Kyle Cartwright, Dwyte Pilgrim, Curt Kohlberg, Tim West, Bernard Lee, and Allen Kessler. Huy Nguyen cashed in tenth place for $27,500 but bubbled the final table.

Day 3 brought the final nine together with Jonathan Poche in the top spot with 534K and Charles Moore holding up the short stack with 65,500. Matt Lawrence was the first to go, courtesy of James Anderson, and Poche took out Adam Hui in eighth place. Next, Moore eliminated Drazen Ilich, but it was hours later that Moore was ousted at the hands of Anderson. Sam Barnhart finally eliminated Poche in fifth, and awhile after the dinner break, Anderson took out Sengphet in fourth and Josh Evans in third. Anderson went into heads-up with a lead over Barnhart, but the latter doubled through to take a significant lead. Finally, Anderson moved all-in with Ad-10d against the Ks-Qc of Barnhart, but the Kc-Jh-7d-6c-7h board gave the win to Barnhart.

1st place: Sam Barnhart ($300,000)
2nd place: James Anderson ($200,000)
3rd place: Josh Evans ($135,000)
4th place: La Sengphet ($100,000)
5th place: Jonathan Poche ($75,000)
6th place: Charles Moore ($55,000)
7th place: Drazen Ilich ($42,500)
8th place: Adam Hui ($35,000)
9th place: Matt Lawrence ($30,000)

Thanks to the World Series of Poker website for updates.

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May 29 2011

Lukas Berglund Dominates Final Table to Win WPT Barcelona

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While the primary World Poker Tour season has come to an end, another tournament awaited players overseas with the WPT Spanish Championship. Casino Barcelona hosted the €3,200 + €300 buy-in Main Event that started on May 25.

Day 1A brought 94 players to the tables, though only 54 of them were left at the end of the day, with Artur Koren holding the chip lead and 122,800 chips. Day 1B added another 122 players, creating the following tournament totals:

Players: 216
Prize pool: €691,200
Paid players: 27
First place prize: €206,000

Day 1B ended with Erik Sullivan in the lead with 140,700 chips. A total of 116 players returned for Day 2, but only 51 made it through to Day 3, and it was Szymon Pieszczoch with 411K chips and the overall lead. It took a long time on Day 3 to hit the money bubble, and Martin Vallo became the first player to cash for €4,500 in 27th place. Finally, after a day of more than 12 hours of poker, Pieszczoch left in ninth place with €14,000.

The final table was set for May 29 with Jorge Duffour in the lead with 2,041,000 chips and Frederic Bussot on the short stack with 224K. Action got underway with Lukas Berglund eliminating Artur Koren and Markus Ristola in one hand, then Alexander Sidorin in sixth place and Guillem Usero in fifth. Berglund continued the rampage by eliminating Duffour in fourth and Bussot in third. The heads-up match took only four hands, the last of which saw Romain Matteoli all-in on the 7d-8c-4h-5c board with 8h-3h, but Berglund called with Ad-6d and the straight. The 5s on the river gave Berglund the victory.

Lukas Berglund (€206,000 & $25K 2011 WPT World Championship buy-in)
2nd place: Romain Matteoli (€118,000)
3rd place: Frederic Bussot (€64,000)
4th place: Jorge Duffour (€47,000)
5th place: Guillem Usero (€40,000)
6th place: Alexander Sidorin (€33,500)
7th place: Artur Koren (€27,000)
8th place: Markus Ristola (€20,200)

All information and photos courtesy of the PartyPoker blog.

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