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May 7 2011

ElkY Picks Up Another High Roller Title at EPT Madrid

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The seventh season of the European Poker Tour reached its final destination, as the EPT Grand Final got underway at the Casino Gran Madrid in Spain. Action kicked off with the much-anticipated High Roller tournament, which required a €25,000 buy-in from interested players.

There were 58 players who bought in, which created a prize pool of €1,435,500 from which the top eight players were to be paid. After the first day of play, only 36 of the players remained, and the chip leader of them all was Team PokerStars Pro Viktor “Isildur1” Blom with 225,800. Second place was Benny Spindler with 208,269 chips. Others still alive toward the top of the leaderboard included Andrew Lichtenberger, Galen Hall, Bryn Kenney, Johnny Lodden, and Roberto Romanello.

Day 2 worked the field to a table of only eight players, as the money and final table bubbles burst when Alexander Luber exited in ninth place. That left Galen Hall in the lead with 798K chips, followed by Benny Spindler with 710K, and Peter Jetten was on the 63K short stack.

May 7 saw the final table get underway. Hall started strong by eliminating Jetten, but a quick downfall led to Spindler busting Hall in seventh place. Juha Helppi took out Alex Repik, and Spindler was back in action to send Vanessa Rousso out in fifth and David Sands in fourth. Bertrand Grospellier stepped in to eliminate Helppi in third, and heads-up began with Spindler holding 2 million chips to the 700K of Grospellier. But Grospellier doubled through his opponent and took the lead. The last hand happened on a 2c-9c-4d-Jc-9s board, at which time Grospellier moved all-in with 9h-4h for the full house, and Spindler called (and lost) with Ks-9d and trip nines. Spindler had to settle for second place, and Grospellier added another High Roller title to his list of accomplishments.

1st place: Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier (€525,000)
2nd place: Benny Spindler (€316,000)
3rd place: Juha Helppi (€185,000)
4th place: David Sands (€135,000)
5th place: Vanessa Rousso (€100,000)
6th place: Alex Repik (€72,000)
7th place: Galen Hall (€57,500)
8th place: Peter Jetten (€45,000)

Thanks to PokerStars Blog for the live updates and credit to Neil Stoddart for the photo.

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May 4 2011

Mainstream Media’s Poker Pieces: Perspective, Comparison, and a Poker Face

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Poker finds its way into many a strange news story, sometimes even those about the game of poker. The woman who made the WPT final table in Florida caught the attention of a UK writer, an investment website dedicated a column to poker lessons, and numerous articles pointed out that President Obama kept a pretty solid poker face before telling the world that Osama bin Laden was dead. Poker sure ran the gamut this week.

Woman at WPT Final Table = Band Mom or CEO?

News that a woman made the final table of the WPT Seminole Hard Rock Showdown in Florida this week spread like wildfire, as even the Daily Mail of the UK wrote a story about Abbey Daniels. But the headline demonstrated that a “band mom” would be better received by readers than the fact that the woman was also the CEO of a 400-person company. While both jobs are rewarding and deserving of mention, it was her motherly duties that grabbed the writer’s attention.

Investing Lessons in Poker

The Guru Focus website released an article this week regarding the many lessons of poker that can be used to become a smarter financial investor. While this is not a new topic, the piece goes into great detail about playing styles, learning from mistakes, and setting up a personal strategy. The overlaps of poker and the stock market continue to be a learning tool, as evidenced by this latest article.

CNN Notes Obama’s Poker Face

By far, the biggest news of the week was President Obama’s announcement that Osama bin Laden was killed. Interestingly, Obama knew since Friday of the mission and murder but kept it hidden behind his “poker face” throughout a weekend of visiting a tornado-ravaged city, hoping to see a space shuttle launch, attending a White House Correspondents dinner, and playing a little golf. Even amidst jokes about bin Laden at the aforementioned dinner, he kept the big news under wraps until the announcement could be made.

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May 3 2011

Rupert Elder Took Chip Lead to Victory at EPT San Remo

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The last stop on the European Poker Tour’s seventh season before the EPT Grand Final in Madrid, San Remo didn’t disappoint as a solid tournament with a culturally diverse and strong field. The 987 players hailed from 57 nations, and the prize pool sat at €4,786,950 with €930K reserved for first place.

From two starting days, Day 2 brought the 460 survivors together, and that number was reduced to only 164 for the start of Day 3. It was during that third full day of action that the money bubble burst to allow the final 144 players to be paid, and some who did included Vanessa Selbst, Roberto Romanello, Victor Ramdin, Casey Kastle, and Ted Forrest. Day 5 whittled the field down to 24, with names like Richard Toth, Fabrice Soulier, and Ludovic Lacay showing up at the cashier’s desk. And on Day 6, Joe Cada was among those eliminated on the way to the final table of eight players.

With that, the EPT San Remo final table was set to play out on May 3, with Rupert Elder as the chip leader with 8,005,000 and Francesco de Vivo holding only 1,090,000 as the shortest stack of the group. Max Heinzelmann made his second EPT final table in a row after finishing second in Berlin, and Xuan Liu was the only woman remaining in the field.

Action was aplenty at the final table, and the first elimination came when Max Lykov eliminated Roberto Spada. Liu took out Constantino Russo in seventh place, and moments later Elder sent Massimiliano Manigrasso home in sixth. Liu was back in action to eliminate Francesco De Vivo in fifth and Team PokerStars Pro Max Lykov in fourth. But it was Elder who eventually busted Liu, and he pushed into heads-up with 19 million versus the 10 million chips of Heinzelmann. The last hand saw Elder holding Ad-5c against the all-in Qd-5s of Heinzelmann, and the 3s-2c-7c-10h-Ks board left Heinzelmann with his second runner-up finish in a row on the EPT, while Rupert Elder (pictured above) won his first title and €930K.

1st place: Rupert Elder (€930,000)
2nd place: Max Heinzelmann (€600,000)
3rd place: Xuan Liu (€360,000)
4th place: Max Lykov (€290,000)
5th place: Francesco De Vivo (€220,000)
6th place: Massimiliano Manigrasso (€170,000)
7th place: Constantino Russo (€125,000)
8th place: Roberto Spada (€81,950)

Thanks to PokerStars Blog for the live updates and Neil Stoddart for the photo.

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May 3 2011

Taylor Von Kriegenbergh Victorious at Inaugural WPT Seminole Hard Rock Showdown

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The World Poker Tour’s stop at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino was a first this season, and according to the latest WPT press release, there will be several Florida stops during Season 10. Floridians have successfully won an ongoing courtship with the WPT.

The $10K WPT Main Event started on April 27 with registration going into Day 2 and ended up with 433 players and a $4,156,800 prize pool. More than $1.1 million awaited first place, while the top 45 players were to cash out for a profit.

Day 3 of the tournament started with 45 players but ended with only 51 of them left. And Day 4 brought the players to the money bubble, at which time Vinny Pahuja departed in 46th place to burst it. They played down to 18 players, as names like Sam Stein, Zach Clark, Mike Sexton, and Todd Terry cashed out. Day 5 whittled the field with eliminations of Noah Schwartz and others, until finally Blair Hinkle left in eighth and James Mackey in seventh place.

The final table was set for May 2 with Taylor Von Kriegenbergh as the chip leader with 4,384,000 and Curt Kohlberg as the short stack with 655K chips (both pictured above).

Action started rather slowly, as it took 77 hands to see an elimination. It was Kohlberg who took out Tommy Vedes in sixth place, and 22 hands later, Justin Zaki sent Allen Bari home. Kohlberg was back in action to eliminate Abbey Daniels in fourth, but it wasn’t until many hours later that Von Kriegenbergh was able to eliminate Zaki in third. The heads-up match started with the 213th hand of the night with Von Kriegenbergh holding 11,125,000 chips to the 1.85 million of Kohlberg. It didn’t take long for Kohlberg to move in, and he did it with As-10c. Von Kriegenbergh called with Qc-8d and hit the board nicely when it came Qs-4s-4d-Kh-Qh. The full house was more than enough to send Kohlberg out in second. Taylor Von Kriegenbergh won the WPT title, bracelet, Seminole Hard Rock Showdown trophy, first place prize money of $1,122,340, and $25K entry to the WPT World Championship.

1st place: Taylor Von Kriegenbergh ($1,122,340)
2nd place: Curt Kohlberg ($586,109)
3rd place: Justin Zaki ($415,680)
4th place: Abbey Daniels ($286,819)
5th place: Allen Bari ($211,997)
6th place: Tommy Vedes ($166,272)

All information and photos courtesy of the World Poker Tour Live Updates team.

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May 2 2011

Sunday Majors 5/01: Double Final Tables for assalbi and viirusss

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The first Sunday in May was the third Sunday since Black Friday, and the lack of U.S. players and the lowered guarantees were becoming more familiar. While many tournaments found even lower registration numbers than the week before, they all met their newly-set guarantees.

Many of the Full Tilt regular Sunday tournaments were again missing from the schedule due to the last of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS). Some other events were removed from the list of tournaments to make room for FTOPS but should be back next week with their new guarantees.

The most interesting thing about the figures below is that two players made two final tables for the night. Assalbi of Lebanon and viirusss of Morocco both had stellar days at the tables and ran well enough to hit two final tables each.


Sunday Warm-Up ($200 + $15 NLHE)
Guarantee: $500K (reduced from $750K)
Players: 3,393 (last week was 3,364)
Prize pool: $676,600 (last week was $672,800)
Paid players: 495

1st place: PizzicatoXev ($106,541.19)
2nd place: Alex21reg ($79,396.20)
3rd place: Norrda ($55,984.50)
4th place: paranoik333 ($39,019.50)
5th place: o23oSyD ($28,840.50)
6th place: hellator ($22,054.50)
7th place: eShaMeister ($15,268.50)
8th place: Punkfloyd ($8,482.50)
9th place: dean23price ($5,428.80)

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