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Apr 20 2011

Mainstream Media’s Poker Pieces: Reactions to Black Friday

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Last week, it seemed so simple to scroll the Google news pages for poker-related news stories and find the occasional interesting piece. In light of the news of Black Friday regarding the literal indictment of online poker in the United States – and all of the fallout from the government’s actions – the news stories were pouring in faster than we could scan them all. Mainstream media had stories of billion-dollar companies, gamblers, and charges of money laundering and fraud, and everyone wanted in on the news.

But we’ll start this week with a story that might have gotten more play, one about Joe Cada and his current life, before taking a look at two of the results of Black Friday articles.

Detroit News Revisits Joe Cada

With the exception of calling his WSOP backers “gamblers,” the article takes a positive look at Joe Cada’s life since becoming the 2009 WSOP Main Event champion. Much of the piece quotes Cada himself, and it seems to be an honest reflection on his life that should interest poker fans and casual readers alike.

In the Oddest Places

The news of the online poker indictments from the U.S. Department of Justice and FBI reached far and wide this week, even making it to the virtual pages of Farm Weekly. We all knew this was a big story, but even Aussie farmers apparently want to know about their countryman who allegedly played a role in the big sting.

With the Worst Headlines

The online poker industry has bigger things to worry about than bad headlines, but they have come fast and furious in light of the indictment news. “Feds Deal Bad Hand to Poker Sites” from Consumer Affairs was just one of the many headlines that referred to a bad hand, bad beat, losing hand, and the folding of the cards. Too easy, writers of the world.

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Apr 18 2011

Sunday Majors 4/17: What a Difference a Week Makes

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A strange Sunday, it was. Without U.S. players, the major poker sites knew they wouldn’t meet their usual guarantees and lowered them to be in sync with the assumed new poker populous. That created some interesting fields, less impressive numbers than have been seen in years, and a list of winners that excluded American players.

We’re keeping the same list for this week with the exception of the $750K Guarantee on Full Tilt Poker (which seemed to have been removed in lieu of FTOPS Event 1), to show how dramatically the numbers dropped, and we’ll reassess this list as the “majors” going forward.


Sunday Warm-Up ($200 + $15 NLHE)
Guarantee: $500K (reduced from $750K)
Players: 3,737 (last week was 4,634)
Prize pool: $747,400 (last week was $926,800)
Paid players: 540 (last week was 675)

1st place: campeao200 ($69,000.00)*
2nd place: to1R ($90,424.77)*
3rd place: McMang ($80,000.00)*
4th place: Team Pro Stavros “IDOLLS” Kalfas ($70,000.00)*
5th place: lissi stinkt ($31,764.50)
6th place: ~Düüüdchen~ ($24,290.50)
7th place: j_dmx ($16,816.50)
8th place: LeKnave ($9,342.50)
9th place: GermanBraine ($5,979.20)
*4-way deal

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Apr 17 2011

Peruvian Kemal Ferri Claims LAPT Lima Title

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In the middle of Season 4 of the Latin American Poker Tour, the biggest schedule of tours to date landed players directly in the Atlantic City Casino in Lima, Peru. The $2,500 buy-in Main Event found itself a sizeable field and quite a bit of excitement for the LAPT.

There were a total of 350 players from a total of 30 different countries in the LAPT Lima, which created a prize pool of $774,000. That was enough to pay out the top 48 players, with the first cashers looking at $3,870 and the winner $207,400.

Action started with those 350 players, but only a third of that number made it to Day 2. And it was Day 2 that started with sad news as one of the players with a sizeable stack – Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari – was called home due to the death of his father. As everyone settled back into the game, the money bubble eventually burst halfway through the day, and players like Humberto Brenes and Leo Fernandez cashed along the way. Akkari’s stack was even enough to cash him out in 43rd place. Ultimately, 24 players made it through with Daniel Ospina as the chip leader.

Day 3 played down to the final table, and when all was said and done, Ospina maintained the chip lead with 1,582,000. With only eight players still in the running for the last day of play, Ospina was followed closely by Samar Hodali at the top of the chip counts, while Team PokerStars Online’s Karlo Lopez was the short stack with 406K.

Final table play began with a little caution, but it didn’t take a very long time for Lopez to be ousted by Leonardo Zepeda. Ospina fell quickly in the early stages and was eliminated in seventh place by Kemal Ferri. Hodali eliminated Zepeda in sixth, and Raul Pino took out the last woman standing, Hodali, in fifth. Ferri stepped back in to eliminate Michel Barham in fourth and Rodrigues in third. The final battle started with Pino holding 4.12 million and Ferri with 2.88 million, and it didn’t take long for Ferri to jump into the lead and dominate. The last hand saw short-stacked Pino push all-in with Kd-7d and Ferri call with Kc-Qh. The board of 9s-6s-5d-6h-2c , and Pino took second place while Ferri hoisted the trophy for the win.

1st place: Kemal Ferri ($207,400)
2nd place: Raul Pino ($120,000)
3rd place: Pablo Rodrigues ($73,540)
4th place: Michel Barham ($54,180)
5th place: Samar Hodali ($38,700)
6th place: Leonardo Zepeda ($30,960)
7th place: Daniel Ospina ($23,220)
8th place: Karlo Lopez ($15,480)

Information courtesy of PokerStars blog and photo credit to Carlos Monti.

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Apr 15 2011

Satellite Summary: Monster $100K Prize Packages at Full Tilt & PokerStars

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The weekend is on tap, and though spring weather beckons many outdoors to enjoy the warmth, many online poker players will opt for the warmth of their computers. With so many opportunities to win prize packages, entries into tournaments, and trips to live events, it’s hard to pass them up.

This week, we’re focusing on the much-discussed ONYX Cup, for which Full Tilt Poker is offering up a prize package that beats almost all others, and PokerStars is giving freeroll chances to win the Game of Your Life. Huge prizes at stake this weekend for those who are willing to put in the effort.

Full Tilt Poker:

The ONYX Cup is going to be the biggest buy-in poker tournament series to ever hit the poker world. Most of the players will have names like Ivey, Seidel, and Dwan, but there will be some seats available for satellite winners. The first event is less than a month away, to be held in Las Vegas on May 11 and 12, and there are still prize packages available to qualifiers on Full Tilt Poker.

The next big chance to advance in the freeroll series comes on Saturday, April 16, with a 15:15 ET free tournament that will award 100 tournament tickets to the Final Freeroll on May 1. Players can also buy in to that final event for $2000 + $100, but with 100 free seats up for grabs this weekend, it pays to play. The Final Freeroll on May 1 will award one $105K prize package to Event 1 of the ONYX Cup.


The Game of Your Life is the latest big promotion from PokerStars, and it also has a prize package that is beyond what most players can comprehend. The $100K package will offer the winner front row seats for the winner and as many friends as they choose to any sporting event in the world. All travel, accommodation, and expenses will be handled by the $100K, and all entries to the qualifiers are actually free.

In fact, there will be two packages awarded: one for the Americas and one for the rest of the world. Freerolls run until May 21, with five of them daily. The top 108 players from each will receive seats in the $100K Grand Final where the winner will win the package. There are also five qualifiers each day that players can enter for only 10 Frequent Player Points, and the top 67 in each of those tournaments will go on to the Grand Final as well. No matter where you are in the world, there are a total of 10 chances per day to enter and make your way to the big one and possibly win the Game of Your Life.

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Apr 14 2011

Jason Mercier Wins Back-to-Back NAPT Bounty Shootout Events at Mohegan Sun

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The North American Poker Tour has made the bounty shootout format a popular one at each of its stops, not only because of the television deal with ESPN but players truly enjoy the challenge. The basic format is set up for sit-n-go tournaments – eight in this case – and the winner of each table goes to the final table. Additionally, each player holds a bounty chip, and that chip (along with $2,000) goes to the player who eliminates him or her. The person with the most bounties at the end wins a seat to the next NAPT Bounty Shootout event and $20K cash.

The $10K buy-in event brought 78 players into action for two flights of play, and the winners of each table were as follows:

Flight A: Michael Pesek, Jimmie Guinther, Eugene Katchalov, Scott Blackman
Flight B: Jonathan Jaffe, Jason Mercier, Micah Raskin, Taylor von Kriegenbergh, Joe Sweeney

Each player won $36K or $40K for making the final table, and Day 2 of action brought them together for more excitement. Notably, Jason Mercier was looking to replicate Vanessa Selbst’s great feat of winning back-to-back NAPT Mohegan Sun events, and the returning Bounty Shootout champ made it to the final table again in 2011 in the hopes of doing just that.

With bounties increased to $10K each, players were also gunning for the $142,600 first place prize money.

Action began with everyone holding 50K chips, it took some time to find the first elimination, but Katchalov eventually busted Sweeney, and Jaffe took out Raskin. Blackman was the next to go when Pesek scooped a three-way pot and that bounty, and then Pesek took out Guinther, only to do the same to von Kriegenbergh a bit later. Mercier eliminated Jaffe, and Katchalov busted Pesek. That left a heads-up battle between Mercier (269,600 chips) and Katchalov (180,400 chips), but not before a dinner break. It didn’t take long upon their return to decide the match. After a flop of 9c-8c-7s, Katchalov bet, Mercier check-raised all-in, and Katchalov called all-in with 8s-7h. Mercier showed 9s-10d and caught nothing on the 3s turn but got the best two pair on the 10h river. Katchalov took second place and $66K in total.

Jason Mercier won the NAPT Bounty Shootout for the second year in a row. For this year’s event, he captured the $142,600 prize, and added to his $40K from the first round win and a total of $44K in bounties, along with a $20K bonus for winning the most bounties, he walked away with $246,600 for the win.

Information courtesy of PokerStars blog and photo credit to © Joe Giron.

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