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Apr 14 2011

Mike Scarborough Wins WPT Indiana, Denies Seidel Another 2011 Title

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The World Poker Tour has expanded in recent years to include stops like the Hollywood Casino in Indiana, but it has not garnered the kind of broad Midwest crowd they hoped, especially for its 2011 return. There were 144 players in 2010 but only 97 this year, and the prize pool only peaked at $911,800 with which to pay the top 12 finishers. It was the smallest number of players in a WPT Main Event since Season 1.

Nevertheless, the show went on, and Day 1 saw the field diminish to 57 players. Day 2 reduced that number even further, as players like Jonathan Little, Mike Sexton, Kyle Knecht, and Luke Staudenmaier exited. Action was stopped when only 27 players remained, and it was Andy Whetstone as the chip leader with 334,400 chips, followed by Shannon Shorr with 250,900.

Day 3 played all the way down to the final nine players, and it was toward the end of the night that the money bubble burst, courtesy of Ben Tollerene out in 13th place. In the money, Chris Bell went out in 12th, Amanda Musumeci left in 11th, and Steven Kelly bubbled the last table of the tournament in 10th place. That left only 9 players, with Steve Barshak in the lead with 601K but players like Erik Seidel, Allen Kessler, Ali Eslami, and Tom Marchese still in action.

Day 4 saw Terry Jacobs out in ninth, Kessler out in eighth, and Steve Barshak in seventh. That left six for the televised final table, with William Reynolds as the far-and-away chip leader with 1,169,000 chips, and qualifier Andy Whetstone as the short stack with 80,500.

Action resumed on April 13 for the final table, and it only took three hands to find Ali Eslami ousted by Reynolds, and four hands later, Mike Scarborough busted Whetstone. Reynolds took out Marchese in fourth place, and it was well over 100 more hands before Scarborough took out Reynolds. Heads-up began with Scarborough holding almost three times more chips than Seidel, and it only took 12 hands to get to the last one. Scarborough raised, Seidel moved all-in with Ad-9d, Scarborough called with Jh-10h. The board came 10c-9s-7h-8s-10d, and that left Seidel with second place.

Mike Scarborough won his first WPT title and $273,664 in cash.

1st place: Mike Scarborough ($273,664)
2nd place: Erik Seidel ($155,103)
3rd place: William Reynolds ($110,788)
4th place: Tom Marchese ($77,551)
5th place: Andy Whetstone ($62,041)
6th place: Ali Eslami ($50,962)

All information and photos courtesy of the World Poker Tour Live Updates team.

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Apr 13 2011

Vanessa Selbst Secures Back-to-Back NAPT Mohegan Sun Titles

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When the North American Poker Tour landed in Uncasville, Connecticut for the Mohegan Sun tournament on April 9, hopes were high for a good turnout. But with a field that only totaled 387, as compared to last year’s 716 players, it had to be a little disappointing. Regardless, the $5K buy-in Main Event still had a substantial $1,736,330 prize pool, enough to pay 56 players and give the winner $450K. Without the comparison, those numbers stood well on their own.

Day 1 started with those 387 players but ended with only 230. And Day 2 thinned the field even more, taking it down to only 74 by the time action stopped for the evening. Some who did not make it that far were players like Jonathan Duhamel, Vanessa Rousso, Cliff Josephy, Jeff Madsen, Carlos Mortensen, Joe Cada, and John D’Agostino. But one of those who did make it was defending NAPT Mohegan Sun champion Vanessa Selbst, who ended fifth in chips. Aaron Overton was the chip leader by a long shot with 598,700, as no other player even hit the 400K mark.

Day 3 started with 74 players and a quick race to the money bubble, and it was Nick Binger who was ousted by Adam Junglen in 57th place. That left room for the money to start being distributed, and some who cashed were Bernard Lee, Lee Markholt, Matt Matros, Victor Ramdin, and Junglen. When the dust settled, only 24 players remained with Vanessa Selbst holding 1,406,000 chips and the lead by a wide margin.

Day 4 saw names like Eric Froehlich, Olivier Busquet, and Nenad Medic hit the rail, and Corey Hochman was the final table bubble player, walking away with $26K for ninth place. That left 8 players for the April 13 final table, with Tyler Kenney as the chip leader with 3,021,000, Selbst in second, and Overton as the short stack with 373K.

Action began with Steve O’ Dwyer as the first to go, courtesy of Vincent Rubianes. Selbst stepped up to eliminate Overton in seventh and Thomas Hoglund took out Joe Tehan. Dan Shak doubled through Selbst but she then doubled through Rubianes, and the latter was then busted by Kenney. Kenney then took out Hoglund in fourth, and Shak eliminated Kenney in third. That left Shak (8.65 million) versus Selbst (3.025 million) to battle for the title after a dinner break. The two battled, each doubled up and took the lead, but it was Selbst who had the momentum. The final hand came when the two saw a flop of Ks-7d-3s; Shak bet, Selbst check-raised, Shak reraised all-in with Jh-7h, and Selbst insta-called with Kc-7c. The 5h turn and 2h river ended it, and Shak took second place.

Vanessa Selbst took her second consecutive NAPT Mohegan Sun title, an amazing feat in today’s poker world.

1st place: Vanessa Selbst ($450,000)
2nd place: Dan Shak ($254,000)
3rd place: Tyler Kenney ($170,000)
4th place: Thomas Huglund, Jr. ($120,000)
5th place: Vincent Rubianes ($90,000)
6th place: Joe Tehan ($70,000)
7th place: Aaron Overton ($50,000)
8th place: Steve O’Dwyer ($32,230)

Information courtesy of PokerStars blog and photo credit to © Joe Giron.

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Apr 13 2011

Mainstream Media’s Poker Pieces: The Most Overused Phrase Used Again … and Again

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It’s the easiest phrase that can be applied to many situations: all in. We get why it’s popular. It has power and aggression, and it’s catchy. But it’s so dramatically overused, especially by people outside of the poker industry. Two of today’s tidbits show that, and the other is just an odd convergence of worlds that pairs The Grinder with Lil Wayne. It’s a weird week.

Forbes Writes the Easy Headline

Ahh, the easiest way to headline a poker story: Use the words “all in.” Though the Forbes story is a big one and quite informative about the reasons that Steve Wynn decided to partner with PokerStars to pursue legalized online poker, the headline is met with a heavy sigh by the poker media. The linked interview with Wynn, however, more than makes up for it, as it provides much more insight into the direction of online poker in the U.S.

Another All In

Variety reported that director Daniel Burman has a new movie on tap, a romantic comedy called “All In” set in a world of professional poker players. It will be filmed in South America with the small budget of $1.5 million. “All In,” really? Obviously, poker people are skeptical of any poker movie; it’s in their nature. But when you choose the most obvious title from the most overused phrase from the game, it doesn’t help matters.

Overlap of Lil Wayne and Michael Mizrachi

Somehow, they made it into the same category: those who have IRS problems. The main story is about rapper Lil Wayne and his rather consistent tax problems, and other “famous” people are also mentioned, including Miami Heat player Tim Hardaway and North Bay Village mayor Oscar Alfonso. Michael Mizrachi made it to the short list, where the author mentioned his $340K tax lien.

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It was a rare Sunday this week that brought two major tournaments with overlays for online poker players. The Sunday majors still had a solid showing for many of its regular events, but considering many live players were scattered around the globe for live events like the NAPT, WPT, EPT, LAPT, and WSOP Circuit, overall numbers were down a bit from previous weeks. Nevertheless, all events but two make their guarantees, and there were several players who walked away with six-figure wins.


Sunday Warm-Up ($200 + $15 NLHE)
Guarantee: $750K
Players: 4,634
Prize pool: $926,800
Paid players: 675

1st place: narbe86 ($145,398.49)
2nd place: RunThisTable ($107,972.20)
3rd place: dean23price ($76,461.00)
4th place: mikki696 ($52,364.20)
5th place: d0r1t0s ($39,389.00)
6th place: SLOligarh ($30,121.00)
7th place: Pr0fiteer ($20,853.00)
8th place: _Chapa_26 ($11,585.00)
9th place: Nels316 ($7,414.00)

Stars Pros with mo dough: none!

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Apr 10 2011

Wilinofsky Wins EPT Berlin, Beating German Heinzelmann for €825K Payday

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The European Poker Tour returned to Berlin on April 5 for one of the more popular stops of the season, and a total of 773 players were there for the action, creating a prize pool of €3,865,000.

Day 2 started with 353 players and whittled its way down to the money bubble at the end of the day. Along the way, there were numerous eliminations (obv), two of them being the Day 1A and 1B chip leaders, as Cristian Dragomir and Sander Berndsen didn’t survive the second day of action. Others who left early included Jeff Sarwer, Matt Affleck, Max Pescatori, Arnaud Mattern, Pieter de Korver, Marcin Horecki, and Sandra Naujoks. Ultimately, Fabrice Soulier led the pack of 120 remaining players with 1,079,400 chips.

Day 3 got underway and saw many players leave with cash, including Fatima Moreira de Melo, Sebastian Ruthenberg, Peter Eastgate, Thomas Bichon, Roberto Romanello, and George Danzer. With 24 players left, it was Daniel Pidun as the chip leader with 2,429,000 chips.

It was on Day 4 that the final table was made. Along the way, players like Henrique Pinho and Fabrice Soulier exited, the latter taking 11th place. And Daniel Pidun was the bubble player, taking home €45,000 for ninth. That left only eight players, with Ben Wilinofsky as the chip leader with 5.225 million, whereas Jonas Gutteck was on the short stack with 1.025 million. Well-knowns Martin Jacobsen and Team PokerStars Pro Joep van den Bijgaart were still in the running.

Final table action got started on April 10 with Gutteck taking his shot for a double-up but instead being eliminated by Max Heinzelmann. The second lowest chip stack of the day belonged to Bijgaart, and he exited in seventh, courtesy of Wilinofsky. Darren Kramer was then eliminated by Vadzim Kursevich, and Wilinofsky was back in action to take out Armin Mett in fifth. Jacobson was denied another title, this time by Heinzelmann with a 7.5 million-chip pot, leaving the former out in fourth. Another big hand found Wilinofsky ousting Kursevich. Wilinofsky held a 3-to-1 chip lead over Heinzelmann, and after the two took a dinner break, they returned to find Heinzelmann chipping up but Wilinofsky responded by taking another commanding lead. Finally, Heinzelmann check-raised all-in on a 8s-5c-3d flop with 9h-8d, and Wilinofsky called with 7d-6h. The 9s on the turn made Wilinofsky’s hand, and the Jh on the river ended it, leaving the German with second place and Wilinofsky with the victory, trophy, bracelet, and €825,000.

1st place: Ben Wilinofsky (€825,000)
2nd place: Max Heinzelmann (€500,000)
3rd place: Vadzim Kursevich (€300,000)
4th place: Martin Jacobson (€230,000)
5th place: Armin Mette (€180,000)
6th place: Darren Kramer (€140,000)
7th place: Joep van den Bijgaart (€100,000)
8th place: Jonas Gutteck (€66,000)

Thanks to the PokerStars blog for live updates and Neil Stoddart for the photo.

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