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Jul 19 2010

Official Song of Poker… Kinda

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Every now and then you get lucky. Last night, I was lucky enough to receive this MP3 from a guy known as DC. Words can’t really describe it so just listen.

Here are the lyrics for those who want to follow along:

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Mar 22 2010

Prohibition Just Doesn’t Work

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In the 1920s, the “noble experiment,” which was the national prohibition of alcohol, was introduced to the American public as an attempt to reduce corruption and crime, solve problems in the social fabric of America, reduce tax burdens that were rising as a result of poorhouses and prisons, and to improve the overall health and hygiene of the United States.

The experiment ultimately failed, but the movement lasted until 1933. While prohibition of alcohol was in fact a failure, we learn an important lesson that should reminisce in the minds of political leaders who seem to too often forget that history repeats itself. What remains of the past is evidence that affirms that prohibition just doesn’t work when it comes to current issues such as the United State’s war on drugs, abortion, insider trading, and even online poker. The concept even reaches as far to encompass regulated activity like alcohol and tobacco consumption and censorship.

While alcohol intake by the public did decrease at the onset of Prohibition, it later continuously increased. As alcohol remained unregulated, it eventually became dangerous to consume and instead of decreasing crime, crime suddenly became organized. This ultimately led the prisons and courts to be extended to the point of breaking, as well as corruption among public officials, as they were influenced more and more by illegal activity. In addition, the inaction of prohibition had removed tax revenue on alcohol, which was a significant source of income for the US government, but alternatively created more government spending. Many drinkers were even led to other vices such as marijuana, opium, patent medicines, cocaine, and other dangerous and unregulated substances that would have been less prominent without prohibition.

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Dec 18 2009

What to Buy Geeks for Christmas

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#10 – Tengu:

For the loner on your list, check out Tengu, the cyber friend. This is the perfect companion for the guy who has no one. He plugs right into the USB port of your computer and requires no additional software or installation. Tengu has many facial expressions to keep his master amused and responds to sound.

This is the perfect gift for the online junkie, who otherwise has little connection with other life forms. Tengu is made in China and was created by Crispin Jones, designer. Tengu costs around $30, is 2.8” tall, 1.75” wide, and .59” deep, so he’s the perfect size to take with you on the go.

YouTube link:

Embedded video:

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Dec 15 2009

10 Wackiest Ebay Auctions and More

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#10 – The Swan Sweet Potato: Here is a sweet potato that some believe looks like a beautiful swan. Others aren’t sure what to think, but it did bring $0.99 on ebay recently, despite the $10+ shipping price on this 5.5-pound sweet potato. The auction title read, “Great Gag Gift,” and the description actually included the following sentence: “this enormous sweet potato would make an awesome gag gift this holiday for that ‘hard to buy for’ farmer on your gift list!”


While this isn’t much of a publicity stunt, there are numerous auctions like this one everyday, and people actually buy crackers that appear to resemble Ronald Reagan or the Virgin Mary. It happens everyday, people. So next time you eat, make sure you examine every bite before you put it in your mouth; you could end up eating straight profit.

#9 – BillytheBillboard: plus many others like him, offer your business the opportunity to advertise your company logo via tattoos forever printed on their bodies.

As you can see in the photos, he’s got “Liberty Tax Service” on his neck and on his cheek, along with dozens of other ads on his body. He gets quite a bit of media attention, so it may be a sound investment for the porn sites that are forever imbedded on his forehead. He recently listed another area of his forehead with no reserve and a starting bid of $0.01. He even offered to pay for the tattoo work himself. However, sadly this auction ended without any bids and he has no other auctions listed.


Apparently his biggest sale was to Golden Palace Casino, an online casino operator that owns his entire back, as you can also see in the photo.




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