Jan 5 2011

Cheating Accusations Leveled at Isildur1?

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Isildur1′s recent signing with PokerStars has made a huge splash in the online poker community, and not surprisingly, some controversy has been attached to his high stakes sessions so far. After losing badly to Isildur1, URnotINdanger2 (otherwise known as Scott Palmer) began to suspect that foul play may have been involved. Although Palmer didn’t elaborate publicly as to the nature of his claims, a later conversation with Rui Cao shed some light ont he controversy.

The saga began when URnotINdanger2 lost $175,000 to Isildur1 during a PokerStars PLO session lasting a full six hours. Palmer discussed the match the following day on Full Tilt Poker with Kpederson, another online high stakes player who has recently faced off against Isildur1. Palmer asked Kpederson if he noticed “anything weird” while playing against I1. Kpederson said he hadn’t, at which point the conversation apparently moved to a more private online messaging system.

Palmer continued his witch hunt later that day during a conversation with Rui Cao, also known as PepperoniF. During this rant, Palmer suggested that Isildur1 was “godmoding,” a term which eerily echoed the UB super user scandal of years past. Specifically, Palmer claimed that Isildur1 was consistently folding when Palmer was dealt premium hole cards, and raising when Palmer was given muck fodder. Although Rui Cao did not explicitly agree with the allegations, he did admit that Isildur1 was “running like jesus” during their sessions.

Personally, I find it highly unlikely that PokerStars would allow Isildur1 to cheat, simply as a promotional stunt or as a way of covering for I1′s less than stellar performances since his signing.

So what really happened here? In all likelihood, Isildur1 played a legitimate game and bested URnotINdanger2, who then allowed his emotions to get the best of him. At the same time, it’s admittedly rare to see these kinds of accusations tossed around casually, especially among well known high stakes players. The real question that remains to answered, however, is whether or not Isildur1 will live up to his 2010 hype in a brand new 2011.

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