Apr 28 2011

The Collapse of Online Poker

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A year ago this month, 27 year old Daniel Tzvetkoff, a little known Australian entrepreneur who started his first business at the age of 13 was arrested in Las Vegas. He was charged with money laundering, bank fraud, and wire fraud for illegally processing funds for online poker sites. The rumor being that PokerStars and FullTilt poker tipped the FBI off regarding his visit to Las Vegas as payback for Tzvetkoff allegedly stealing upwards of $100 million from them. In turn, it appears that Mr. Tzvetkoff has turned cooperator and is the entire reason the online poker industry is under the boot of the Federal Government. Or to put it another way, PokerStars and FullTilt handed Tzvetkoff over to the FBI on a silver platter, only to have it backfire… bringing their entire house of cards crashing down.

The collapse of online poker

Since these events have taken place, Sportsbook Poker and Players Only have announced they are going to stop accepting US players. It’s just a matter of time before more sites decide the risk isn’t worth the reward and close their doors to US customers. While PokerStars and Full Tilt seem to be working towards refunding money to existing US players, we have yet to see anyone get paid. How has this affected you as a player?

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