Jan 3 2011

Daniel jungleman12 Cates is Online Poker’s Biggest Winner in 2010

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It’s not very often that a new player will arrive at the high-stakes tables and be able to hold their own with the dozen or so poker players who win at these stakes, and it’s even a rarer spectacle to see a player show up and give that core group of pros absolute fits –which is precisely what Daniel “jungleman12” Cates was able to do in 2010.

Cates took a few shots at the nosebleed games last year, but was promptly smacked down, and almost busted at the hands of Isildur1. However, an undeterred Cates briefly dropped back down in limits to rebuild his bankroll and by early 2010 he was back at the highest stakes games on Full Tilt Poker, and this time he was there to stay.

Cates ended 2010 as the biggest winner in online poker, tallying some $5.5 million in profits according to highstakesdb.com, not to mention his participation in the durrrr Challenge where he holds a $500,000 lead with about 30% of the match completed (should Cates end up winning the challenge match he will receive a $1.5 million payoff from Dwan).

Cates did sign-on to become a Cardrunners instructor in 2010, but is still a free-agent when it comes to a sponsorship deal, which will likely change in 2011 should he continue to grow as a player and start branching out into the live tournament scene.

It has to make you wonder what Daniel Cates will spend some of his money on. The poker propping guys at PartTimePoker.com were wondering the same thing when they made this cool infographic of what Daniel can and cannot afford with 2010′s winnings.

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