Sep 4 2010

Full Tilt Poker Brings Back Fast $50 Promotion for Early September

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To celebrate Labor Day and the beginning of football season, Full Tilt Poker has announced that they will once again be offering their popular Fast $50 for any player that has cleared a welcome bonus (or any other bonus) on the site by September 1st. This promotion will continue this month to September 12th and be provided to all players currently with a real money account on their site.

In order to access this promotion, players must simply log in to Full Tilt Poker and click on the Requests menu on their account page. After in the area, click the Check My Bonus Offer button and you will be greeted with a window asking if you would like to take advantage of the Fast $50 offer now. After you have accepted this offer, you can immediately begin to clear the bonus on the site. You are not required to make any deposit to qualify for this offer and new players to this site still have time to make a deposit, clear their initial bonus and take their Fast $50 before the expiration date.

For players that have already cleared any bonus at Full Tilt Poker by September 1st, the Fast $50 will now be immediately available. However, players that have no account at Full Tilt Poker will still have a chance to unlock and clear this bonus before time runs out.

While you have until September 12th to qualify for the Fast $50 promotion, you must make your first deposit and clear it by September 9th in order to qualify. This works in the same way for players that still have a bonus that they are clearing but already have a real money account at Full Tilt Poker. The only requirement is that it is clear by September 9th. So, if you have had a bonus sitting around for a while, now is your chance to log some play time for Labor Day and earn even more money for your online poker bankroll at Full Tilt Poker.

The Fast $50 promotion bonus will be cleared at $0.06 for every FTP that you earn during real money play on the site. The bonus is also paid out to each qualifying player in 10% increments – or $5.00 at a time.

One of the easiest ways to clear your bonus quickly in order to take advantage of the Fast $50 promotion is to spend some time at the Rush Poker tables at Full Tilt Poker that were introduced this past January. Rush Poker is a new way to play at Full Tilt that eliminates all down time associated with the game. As soon as you fold out of a hand, you are shuffled into a new table where you can immediately begin a new hand. In addition, the player time banks for Rush Poker are reduced to provide less waiting time when actually playing in a hand.

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