Dec 14 2009

Gimme the Loot – Shoemoney Contest

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So I know this is supposed to be a blog about online poker, but my friend Shoemoney is having a contest to give away a trip to Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas in January. What kind of degenerate gambler would I be if I didn’t make an attempt at winning a free trip to Vegas with, get this, $2,000 in cash that I must either bet on one spin of roulette or one hand of blackjack. This is pretty much a no-brainer.


Las Vegas, Sin City, call it what you will. One thing for sure is that this is a place for partying, and I am sure this show will be no exception to the rule.

If I win, my main goal is to extract enough tips from NickyCakes and Barman so I can finally send Azoogle some traffic. I don’t really do much PPC, or any at all for that matter.

Also, I really want to hang out with Dave Dellanave (pictured left) and talk some politics. As you can see he’s a hardcore Palin supporter (Photo taken by DK at ThinkTank), and I really want to see what makes him such a fan of her.


Aside from seeing Dave, I’ll probably run into Neil Patel as well, and we all know how strictly business this guy is. I’ll try to get him to give me some insight into the social media world money so I can go to the Rhino and get some lapdances. As you can see, Neil likes to work hard and play harder.

astroOf course, if I win I’ll be rollin like a bigshot with Jeremy. Anyone who has ever had the chance to hang out with Jeremy knows that he likes to drink slam vodka redbulls until the wee hours of the morning. I really just want to hear him bitch about Dennis Yu spill some tips after one too many redbull vodkas.

So why should I be picked? I can tell you now it’s not because I want to go hear any of the speakers (no offense). Just like the rest of the entrants, I want to go to Vegas, hang out with some friends, meet new people, make new connections, drink, and of course gamble with some free money. There’s no reason for me to come up with some sentimental bullshit about how I want to learn from the best kiss everyones ass and be annoying.

Oh yea and George Avery has been spared from a photoshop job because he’s pretty good at keeping pictures of his debauchery off of the internet. And to be clear, I will be taking my $2,000 to the roulette table.


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