Feb 14 2012

Gus Hansen recounts massive pot in Macau

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On his blog, www.GusHansen.me, Gus Hansen has been posting about some of the more interesting hands he has been playing, and none could be more interesting than a nearly $2 million pot he played in Macau recently. Here is the recap of the hand from the horse’s mouth:

“…a couple of players were stuck and steaming (I might have been one of them) a lot of raising and re-raising followed. Some of them turned out good for me, but the biggest hand of the nite was as ugly as could be! With blinds of 10K-20K I encouraged “Under the Gun” to make a straddle for 40K and then I would make it 80K. The ensuing action looked good for me for just about 17 seconds – 3 blinds up against each other with just over 1 Million HK$ in the pot pre-flop and I am holding the pretty 97 of Diamonds. Flop 9H 6D 2D and with the small blind checking and the 40K straddler betting 550K I felt my best play was to go All-In for 5.3Mill. I do not regret my All-In move, but when the small blind cold calls 3.7Mill and the bettor is counting his outs and figuring out his pot-odds, I have a BAD feeling of what’s in store for me – A set and the Nut-flush draw! And indeed it was, I am down to runner-runner straight or runner-runner full house – not a great spot to be in.

Whoever won the 14.7Mill pot is not my business to discuss, but what I will say is that my 4.3% didn’t hit and I was out another 5.3 Million Gus”

Don’t feel too bad for Gus, he allegedly cleaned-up in the game (up over $4 million by some accounts) prior to heading off to Australia for the Aussie Millions, where he also did quite well.

If you haven’t checked out Gus’ new blog it’s a pretty interesting read (most of the entries are fairly short and to the point) as he offers insights into everything from poker, to his current pursuits, to his political leanings.

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