Jan 6 2011

Isildur1 Praises Tony G After Poker Match

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Unlike his utter disdain for his first Superstar Showdown competitor Isaac Haxton, when asked for his thoughts on his more recent match against Tony G, the newest member of Team PokerStars Pro, Isildur1, was quick to extend the olive branch to the Party Poker spokesman, telling the PokerStars blog “…he surprised me that he was so sharp online. I thought he was only good live.”

Although Isildur1 would eventually win some $44,000 from Tony G the match was anything but a walk in the park for the young Swedish pro. At one point Tony G had Isildur1 down nearly $70,000, with his entire $150,000 that was set aside for the match spread across the four tables.

Tony G is now looking for a rematch, and while he doesn’t want to make any excuses for his losses he was none too pleased with some of the match’s rules and stipulations. Tony G told the PokerStars blog: “I was outclassed and dominated every minute… Yet, I was fighting. That is just heart and qualified hope. Poker is hope.”

Tony G wants the rematch to be played on his home site of Party Poker, and for the trouble has offered an additional $50,000 overlay to the winner. Although it’s highly unlikely PokerStars would agree to allow Isildur1 to basically drum up publicity for a rival online poker room.

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