Jan 25 2011

Jungleman12 has Field Day with Isildur1, Ivey, Hansen

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Dan “jungleman12″ Cates is known for taking huge sums of money from some of the biggest names in professional poker, but it’s rare for any player to serve a stomping to three high stakes legends in a single evening. Cates accomplished exactly that when he dominated Phil Ivey, Isildur1 and Gus Hansen consecutively. Cates, who was the winningest player in online poker in 2010, is already setting his sights on the title for 2011.

Cates started his night with a tiny 146-hand session against Phil Ivey, a live tournament master and Full Tilt Poker pro widely considered to be among the absolute best poker sharks in the world. Despite the brevity of the session, Cates took over $240k from Ivey playing heads-up PLO at the $300 / $600 stake level.

Next up was Gus Hansen, whom Cates battled in $500 / $1,000 PLO. This time, it only took 26 hands for Cates to amass $119k, at which point Hansen bailed from the game.

Finally, Cates took his extraordinary skill (and, let’s be serious, a little luck) to PokerStars, where the $50 / $100 NLHE tables were being rolled by none other than Isildur1, recently officially revealed to be Viktor Blom. Blom and Cates, who was now using his alternate handle “w00ki3z,” engaged in an epic 2,662-hand battle that proved somewhat more challenging than his previous two sessions.

After several swings, Blom began to display his trademark tilt with remarks such as “how can u win so much money,” “such a joke how u play,” and “u so bad its embarrassing.” Cates ignored the rhetoric and continued to amass his stack. Eventually, Blom accepted his $60k losses, apologized for his remarks and signed off.

In total, Cates earned $430k last night, adding to his existing 2011 winnings of nearly $400.

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