Apr 14 2011

Jungleman12 Strikes for $192k

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PokerStars was rife with talent a few nights ago, and online high stakes grinder Dan “jungleman12″ Cates rose to the top of the heap.

Cates used his “w00ki3z” handle on PokerStars to play 1,185 hands, rotating between NLHE at $50 / $100 and heads up PLO at $100 / $200, ultimately ending with $192k in profit.

Cates spent most of his evening playing against online poker newcomer JayP-AA. Railbirds and online poker forums have been abuzz with hype about JayP-AA, but Cates managed to crush his spirits for almost $200k in what was a trial by fire for the new high stakes grinder.

Cates finished his evening with a brief session against Isaac “luvtheWNBA” Haxton, the only player so far to record an outright win against Viktor Blom in the SuperStar Showdown. The session left Cates with an additional $20k.

JayP-AA, meanwhile, moved on to a session against Scott “urnotindangr” Palmer. JayP-AA may have understandably been tilted after his session against Cates, and the match saw him lose thousands. He logged off negative by $381k for the night, putting him approximately even for the month after an incredible start only a couple of weeks ago.

Erick Lindgren was the second biggest winner of the night behind Cates, earning $121k on his Full Tilt account. Lindgren is typically regarded as a live tournament player, but his online skills seem to be sharpening. He’s positive by $170k for the year. If he quit now, this would represent his most successful online year since 2006.

Viktor Blom had a decent night as well, as he followed his recent win in the SuperStar Showdown against Palmer with a 1st place finish in the PokerStars $25k Rebuy tournament, in which he turned a $109 buy-in into $15k. He remains negative by $447k for the year.

Gus Hansen made a first step down the comeback trail with a $97k win, and he was trailed by JonCage06 (up $64k), Arbianight (up $65k) and gavz101 (up $75k).

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