Aug 8 2010

Liv Boeree Leaves UB

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Although speculated for a while, Liv Boeree has officially left UB. The first signs of a possible split were at the 2010 World Series of Poker where Liv Boeree was not wearing any UB gear and did not promote the web site in any way. However, UB recently removed her name from their site and, in a surprising move, wiped clean any sign that she was ever a part of the company by going through all forums and pages to make sure that her name is no longer present anywhere. Neither UB or Liv Boeree have commented officially on the break up but it appears that the San Remo winner will not be returning to UB.

Possible reasons for the split include an offer from PokerStars or Full Tilt Poker – who are no strangers to signing players from other web sites. However, Boeree might go to her European heritage and sign with a company like Everest Poker or Party Poker. Finally, some are speculating that an offer from Bodog is likely as they are no stranger to sponsoring professionals of her type – fun, attractive and of the fairer sex. Regardless of the site, it is clear that Liv Boeree will be signed by another online poker site to replace her UB sponsorship.

Born in 1984, Liv Boeree is an English poker player, model and astrophysicist. Her introduction to poker was her role in the reality poker television show Showdown in 2005. As part of the show, she studied under poker legends such as Phil Hellmuth. In 2006, Boeree was appointed the television presenter and journalist for the World Series of Poker on Gutshot TV. Other journalism credits in the poker industry were soon to follow with Bluff Europe, Challenge TV and several magazines such as Online Gambler, Gambling Online and World Poker Tour.

Although her wrist remains bare of a WSOP bracelet, Boeree has 7 money finishes in the World Series of Poker and has earned an estimated $1.9 million to date playing in poker tournaments. Earlier this year, Boeree won the European Poker Tour – only the third female to win the event. The total cash prize for this event was 1,250,000 Euros.

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