May 11 2011

Mainstream Media’s Poker Pieces: Poker Faces

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Each week, a quick internet search for the word “poker” brings a plethora of news stories, and there are always more than a handful of them that lead directly to Lady Gaga news. Since one of her most famous songs was “Poker Face,” writers feel that they have to refer to her as the “Poker Face” singer. Thus, her presence in every single search effort for poker stories.

So, we figured this week that a more direct search for “poker face” would give us the latest Gaga news and other interesting tidbits. We were not wrong.

Lady Gaga

The Sun and other entertainment media reported that Lady Gaga would like to appear on the television show “Glee.” “We should just work it out,” she said.

Major news outlets jumped on the press release indicating that Lady Gaga will be releasing new songs from her upcoming album to players of Zynga’s Farmville online games. Those who complete daily tasks in the games will be allowed to download her music before anyone else.

Other stories report that Lady Gaga will play a gig at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, she uses advice from her yoga teacher to spend 15 minutes per day thinking compassionate thoughts about herself, and that she allegedly spent her 25th birthday drunk and running naked through a hotel hallway.

President Obama

After it became known that President Obama ordered the capture of Osama bin Laden on a Friday before making numerous public appearances through the weekend before the official announcement was made, pictures of Obama were released. They showed his light-hearted laughs at bin Laden jokes at the White House Correspondents Dinner and his serious face while watching a live video of the raid in Pakistan. And the best way for most reporters to describe his lack of tells before his address to the United States was to write that he had a good poker face.

Some of the terms used to describe President Obama over the past week include “No-Drama Obama,” his poker face was “sorely tested,” and one helluva poker face. But no matter how you label it, the U.S. President sure did learn more than a few lessons from his old poker games.

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