Mar 23 2011

Mainstream Media’s Poker Pieces: Poker Metaphors Galore & Adidas All In

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Sometimes poker is a genuine part of an article, such as in a story about Celine Dion and husband Rene Angelil. But when Adidas uses “all in” as part of a campaign that includes sports stars and even pop music singers – but no poker players – it becomes a little suspicious. Are writers using poker and connected phrases for search engines, or does poker simply fit a variety of situations? Judge for yourself.

Adidas All In Campaign

The campaign uses poker lingo, from its “adidas is all in” front page slogan to its “Show Your Game Face” contest. Most of the famous faces used on the website belong to sports stars, including basketball players and football pros. But look closely to see pop singer Katy Perry in the mix. Huh? Not only that, but there is not one single poker player in the group. Katy Perry has a game face, but not a simple poker pro is “all in” or belongs in the campaign. Interesting, Adidas!

Music Rooms

Most people familiar with the poker industry know that Celine Dion’s husband, Rene Angelil, is an avid poker player. He not only plays tournaments regularly but participates in cash games as well. This article, aside from dubbing Angelil as a former “professional gambler” instead of poker player, claims that ten-year old son Rene-Charles is also becoming a fan of the cards. It seems that there’s nothing former about Angelil’s interest in poker, and his son looks to follow in his footsteps.

Indianapolis Star

This one was too much. Comparing a band member who missed a flight to a poker hand in which the inside straight is missing a card. Either the writer had a poker experience aching to be told or SEO requirements went too far.

Times & Transcript

The poker metaphors have been flying with relation to Canadian politics this week, and a plethora of newspapers and websites have picked up on the same lingo. They’re playing poker, someone is calling another’s bluff, and they want the cards laid on the table. No mention of flop, turn, or river cards, but that may be on tap for next week’s news should the writers take the poker references to another level.

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