Apr 20 2011

Mainstream Media’s Poker Pieces: Reactions to Black Friday

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Last week, it seemed so simple to scroll the Google news pages for poker-related news stories and find the occasional interesting piece. In light of the news of Black Friday regarding the literal indictment of online poker in the United States – and all of the fallout from the government’s actions – the news stories were pouring in faster than we could scan them all. Mainstream media had stories of billion-dollar companies, gamblers, and charges of money laundering and fraud, and everyone wanted in on the news.

But we’ll start this week with a story that might have gotten more play, one about Joe Cada and his current life, before taking a look at two of the results of Black Friday articles.

Detroit News Revisits Joe Cada

With the exception of calling his WSOP backers “gamblers,” the article takes a positive look at Joe Cada’s life since becoming the 2009 WSOP Main Event champion. Much of the piece quotes Cada himself, and it seems to be an honest reflection on his life that should interest poker fans and casual readers alike.

In the Oddest Places

The news of the online poker indictments from the U.S. Department of Justice and FBI reached far and wide this week, even making it to the virtual pages of Farm Weekly. We all knew this was a big story, but even Aussie farmers apparently want to know about their countryman who allegedly played a role in the big sting.

With the Worst Headlines

The online poker industry has bigger things to worry about than bad headlines, but they have come fast and furious in light of the indictment news. “Feds Deal Bad Hand to Poker Sites” from Consumer Affairs was just one of the many headlines that referred to a bad hand, bad beat, losing hand, and the folding of the cards. Too easy, writers of the world.

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