Apr 13 2011

Mainstream Media’s Poker Pieces: The Most Overused Phrase Used Again … and Again

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It’s the easiest phrase that can be applied to many situations: all in. We get why it’s popular. It has power and aggression, and it’s catchy. But it’s so dramatically overused, especially by people outside of the poker industry. Two of today’s tidbits show that, and the other is just an odd convergence of worlds that pairs The Grinder with Lil Wayne. It’s a weird week.

Forbes Writes the Easy Headline

Ahh, the easiest way to headline a poker story: Use the words “all in.” Though the Forbes story is a big one and quite informative about the reasons that Steve Wynn decided to partner with PokerStars to pursue legalized online poker, the headline is met with a heavy sigh by the poker media. The linked interview with Wynn, however, more than makes up for it, as it provides much more insight into the direction of online poker in the U.S.

Another All In

Variety reported that director Daniel Burman has a new movie on tap, a romantic comedy called “All In” set in a world of professional poker players. It will be filmed in South America with the small budget of $1.5 million. “All In,” really? Obviously, poker people are skeptical of any poker movie; it’s in their nature. But when you choose the most obvious title from the most overused phrase from the game, it doesn’t help matters.

Overlap of Lil Wayne and Michael Mizrachi

Somehow, they made it into the same category: those who have IRS problems. The main story is about rapper Lil Wayne and his rather consistent tax problems, and other “famous” people are also mentioned, including Miami Heat player Tim Hardaway and North Bay Village mayor Oscar Alfonso. Michael Mizrachi made it to the short list, where the author mentioned his $340K tax lien.

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