Apr 26 2011

More Online Poker Sites Pull Out of US Market

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The news just hit the forums: Beginning May 1, 2011, Merge Network online gambling sites PlayersOnly and Sportsbook.com will follow suit behind Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker, UB.com, and PokerStars and withdraw from the US market of real money players all together. This all comes after the domains of four major online poker sites were seized by the FBI. Now the pressure is heavy on other poker sites in the business that still accept US players.

Players will still be able to deposit and play, but come May 1st, the sites will be closed to new US customers. What’s interesting about PlayersOnly and Sportsbook.com is that as long as you have an account with Sportsbook or PlayersOnly, you will still be considered a real money player and can continue to gamble online, the sites just won’t be taking new registrations. It would be a good idea to sign up now if you want to play.

Sportsbok Poker

Sportsbook.com has been in the North American market for almost a decade and is one of the biggest sportsbook brands in the world. After changing to the Merge Network from the Cake Network, Sportsbook has been a favorite for low to mid stakes players. Now it will be closed to new US traffic, thus, losing many of the fish that so many Sportsbook.com players are used too. The dynamic of the poker room will definitely change. The live dealer casino also attracted new US players because it was one of the easiest for credit card deposits.

So unfortunately, Sportsbook.com’s new traffic will definitely decline over the next month, but hopefully for their sake, existing US players will continue to play there. And all of this is true for PlayersOnly, as well, a small but growing online poker room that is able to offer a casino, sportsbook, and great poker, as well, but now, no new US traffic. So if you really want an account at either of these online poker rooms, you have less than six days to sign up.

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