Aug 30 2010

When Is It Time to Move Up in Limits?

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As a poker player, your ultimate goal is probably to one day get a shot at the biggest stakes available. Of course, few players ever actually end up realizing this dream. Nonetheless, moving up in limits is an integral aspect of any poker player’s career. Whether you are moving from the penny games to the dime games, or mid stakes to high stakes, there is always something new to learn.

A lot of players get overwhelmed and nervous when they eventually decide to make whatever jump they are going to make. This isn’t unusual at all, and you may only be reading this article because you are this exact same way. The remedy to this situation is quite simple on paper, but like most things in poker, will take some actual gameplay experience to really get a handle of.

Poker players tend to judge their skill or progress on the plays that they make. While this can often times be an accurate way to assess just how strong any given player is, it is hardly the only means of player measurement. Players who are unable to effectively move up in limits will forever wander in low stakes games, always wondering what went wrong. Use these tips and tricks to help aid in a smooth transition as you move from smaller games to bigger games.

Moving Up for Micro and Mid Stakes Players

Micro and mid stakes players will move up more frequently than players from any other limit. This is because the competition is relatively weak and will provide for an easy opportunity to move onto something both more profitable and that is a bit more of a challenge. When you move up to a new game in these limits, say from 25NL to 50NL, for example, you shouldn’t expect to see any dramatic changes. You are not going to find that players are 4-betting light pre flop with 67 os where they would never do that at 25NL. Sometimes it will feel like there is something different, but that you just don’t know what it is. Why don’t you know what it is?

Probably because there is next to nothing different at all. Pretend like you are playing the same game that you were before. If you find great results, perfect, keep on moving up. On the other hand, if you happen to struggle there is always room for improvement. Certain playing styles will transition to higher limits more easily than others. If you find that you just aren’t winning like you once were, take the time to critically analyze your play and see exactly what is wrong.

If you are moving up in limits and play higher than the mid stakes games, the odds are that you already have a pretty good feel for how to properly move up in games. Even veterans will run into the occasional roadblock, though, so you should always be prepared to move back down if you find that you aren’t quite ready for any given limit. Poker is a game full of ups and downs, and any good player is ready to get on the rollercoaster without falling out of their seat.

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