Aug 30 2010

New UB Owners Opt Out of

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Over the past week it was announced that Blanca Games had acquired the Cereus poker network. While the details of the deal were not disclosed, there was one obvious change that everyone seemed to pick up on. If you navigate to the domain you get redirected to Hmm pretty fishy. I tweeted to UB to see if I could get a response as to why this was happening.

Here is the convo:

So why would anyone care? Well for starters the people that promote UB on their websites will need to update their links in order to get paid. If they don’t, they’ll be sending traffic to this random affiliate site. It also makes you wonder how that new domain will be ranking on the search engines once Google figures out what is going on (more on that later). Certainly UB is doing damage control by having all of it’s online properties link to the proper domain, but there will be many links that stay pointed to the old domain. I’m wondering how long their dmoz link will last, personally. I’m guessing a while since the editors seem to be taking their precious time updating the poker category.

As if that wasn’t bad enough a member at PAL points out that most of the content has been copied from I wonder what Nat Arem will think about that? There are also a few other sites owned by poker affiliates that were copied, such as Check out the copyscape report here. It looks like they’ve been picking paragraphs here and there from a variety of sites. I’m sure the owners of the redirected domain are feeling pretty clever… too bad they are blowing it. Well, maybe not when you think about how much spam has been making it past Google lately. It looks like there is more than one domain being redirected to This will be interesting to see how it plays out.

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