Jan 25 2011

Patrik Antonius Continues Rivalry with Kagome Kagome

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The formative days of 2011 have already seen enormous amount of money change hands between Patrik Antonius and Kagome Kagome, and this looks like a trend that isn’t going to let up. A mid-week battle between Antonius and Kagome Kagome (formerly known as IHateJuice until a forced name change by Full Tilt Poker) ended with Antonius up over $289,000 on the elusive German player.

The game type of choice was LHE played at the $3k / $6k stake level, and Antonius couldn’t have looked any more comfortable. Not surprising, considering that Antonius is widely recognized as one of the world’s best high stakes LHE players. The match in question was played over two tables, and Antonius’ final stacks of $560k and $111k easily overshadowed Kagome Kagome’s $317k and $195k chip piles.

A $66k win for Antonius marked the largest single pot of the night. Antonius’ pocket fours secured a full house on a 10 – 10 – 4 flop, and Kagome’s aggressive re-raises made for a tidy sum for Antonius, a sponsored pro for Full Tilt.

The first big session of 2011 between Kagome Kagome and Antonius ended with Antonius up $410k, and Kagome Kagome regained $290k on January 13th. The latest installment of the rivalry effectively erases that session.

The match ended with a quick chat session in which Antonius proclaimed “play tomorrow maybe,” and you certainly can’t blame him.

In total, Antonius is up $388k for the new year, easily securing him a top-5 ranking among the biggest online earners. Kagome, on the other hand, has dug himself a $619k hole to make him one of the least successful online high stakes players in 2011.

Elsewhere in the world of high stakes online poker this week, Gus Hansen is up $170k on PLO, Niki Jedlicka cashed $82k on PokerStars, and Rui Cao (aka PepperoniF) is up $81k. Aside from Kagome Kagome, the biggest losers of the week include davin77 and Bttech (both down $47k), venced0r (down $59k), and Urindanger (down $171k).

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