May 17 2011

Patrik Antonius Returns to Win $193k

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Although last week was crummy for Finnish high stakes online poker player Patrik Antonius, he kicked off the new week with a bang in the form of a $193k win. It too only a meager 273 hands for Antonius to reestablish his dominance.

Antonius faced off against rival Gus Hansen playing heads up PLO Hi Lo at the $300 / $600 stake level. Antonius dominated the match and eventually, both Team Full Tilt members moved on to a 6-Max PLO table, also at $300 / $600, that included Canadian online poker pro XWINK. This game offered the same results, as Antonius easily outplayed both XWING and Hansen.

The largest pot of the evening came when Antonius received a straight flush on the flop against XWINK, who only managed to flop an ace-high flush. XWINK went big on the turn, giving Antonius a tidy sum of $102. XWINK was able to make up for most of that loss later on in the evening.

Hansen suffered heavily last week, and his weekend was no different. The Great Dane accrued a total of $324 in negative earnings. He played 804 hans against XWINK, Antonius and ronnyr37617 but was never able to find his rhythm and get his money in at the right times.

Hansen, who was positive by over $4 million for the year in April, is now only in the black by $2.5 million. Antonius is quickly approaching his position of winningest online poker player of the year.

Kagome Kagome, the player formerly known as IHateJuice, reemerged on the scene over the weekend as well with a massive $186k win that he built up over the course of 402 hands. Prior to the weekend, Kagome was negative by almost $2 million for the year.

PokerStars was dominated by a relatively unknown player named ZIsenamnn, who earned $189k. Other winners included Seb86 (up $71k), slipped away (up $83k) and gavz101 (up $92k).

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