Mar 7 2011

Phil Ivey Takes $431k from Kagome Kagome

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Though he’s far from the most prolific high stakes online player on Full Tilt’s sponsored roster, Phil Ivey tends to make quite a splash when he does venture to the virtual tables. Ivey did exactly that a few nights ago when he dominated Kagome Kagome (formerly ihatejuice) for a whopping $431k.

As per usual, Ivey elected a short session with sky-high stakes, taking the massive sum from Kagome over the course of only 244 hands of heads-up LHE at the $3,000 / $6,000 stake level.

Ivey is currently positive by $720k in 2011 with his online game. Ivey’s lack of volume online certainly hasn’t hurt his overall winnings: he’s earned $18 million in profit over the course of his online career, and he’s never recorded a single losing year.

The recent match solidifies Kagome Kagome as the worst online player of the year on Full Tilt in terms of money. He’s currently down by over $1.3 million.

Although Ivey’s win was perhaps the most notable of the night, Full Tilt’s biggest winner of the evening was XWINK, an unidentified player that tore through some of the toughest competition.

XWINK played over 3,200 hands of PLO, with stake levels between $50 / $100 and $300 / $600. His opponents, including ShutTheClubDown, Andreas “skjervoy” Torbergsen and Jared “harrington25″ Bleznick, gave up $659k before the night was over.

Online poker forums are ablaze with rumors that XWINK may represent the same player that dominated the tables at UB last year under the name XBLINK. XBLINK was played by a 20-year old Canadian who turned $11 into $1 million+ on UB.

The other biggest winners of the evening included PepperoniF (up $75k), compris (up $105k) and runaway (up $106k), all of whom earned their money on PokerStars.

Aside from Kagome Kagome, the biggest losers largely consisted of XWINK’s opponents: ShutTheClubDown (down $145k), skjervoy (down $181k) and harrington25 (down $299k). LuckyGump was also negative by $146k.

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