Sep 2 2010

Phil Laak Back and Ready to Dominate

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After nearly a month of recovery, Phil Laak is back at the poker tables, wearing a bright and shiny new cast. Last month, Laak was on a rafting trip with friends when he got in a crash on an ATV. As a result of the crash, Laak suffered a severe broken arm, several large lacerations on his face and a broken orbital socket. After undergoing orbital implant surgery on the 19th of last month, Laak showed signs of rapid recovery and kept good on his promise to return to the poker tables by September.

The “Unabomber” kept his friends and fans informed of his progress with a series of Twitter updates about his status and recovery. These Twitter updates came complete with rather ghastly pictures of Laak in his hospital bed.

Laak’s accident was suffered while he was vacationing in Oregon with three friends and David Wells, Antonio Esfandiari, Alec Torelli and Brian Rast. Esfandiari spoke of the incident that caused Laak’s injury. According to Esfandiari, they were riding separate ATVs beside Laak when he suffered the injury. Riding up over a sand dune, Laak found that there was a hidden ditch beyond the dune. Laak attempted to jump from his bike but ended up landing on the bike, which caused the injury. Esfandiari ended his comments by stating that if Laak had hit the bike just a millimeter further, he would “probably be blind.”

By all accounts, Laak has taken the injury in the same way as he deals with all things – in stride. Phil Laak is expected to return to a completely normal schedule this week and looks forward to getting back on the ATV.

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