Aug 22 2010

Poker Hall of Fame Field Open For 181 Players

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Although nominations can continue until August 31st, 181 professional poker players have already received nominations for the 2010 induction into the Poker Hall of Fame. Sponsored by Harrah’s, the company noted this week that the nomination and voting trends are very similar to that of last year in 2009. By September 1st, Harrah’s will announce the top finishers in the nomination race. From there, the committee reviewing the nominees will look over the top 10 and select this year’s Hall of Fame inductee possibilities. Not all top 10 nominations will be considered. In fact, in 2009, this committee turned down the nomination of Tom Dwan because they determined that he had not “stood the tests of time.”

Finally, in the middle of September, the players already in the Poker Hall of Fame and a limited panel will ultimately choose the player to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. During this process, the committee can also write in any players that they would like to be considered during 2011. If any do so, that player will automatically be sent to this final process during next year’s proceedings.

The first and second place vote recipients of the year will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. However, each player requires a 50% vote in order to do so. This is down from the 75% required last year that prevented anyone but Mike Sexton from being inducted. The ceremony for inducting the Hall of Fame members will be held during the November Nine tournament this year.

There are five requirements that players must meet in order to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. These requirements include that the player must have:

  1. Competed against top competitors
  2. Participated in high stakes play
  3. Posted consistent high quality play
  4. Demonstrated continued respect from other players
  5. Stood the test of time

For non-poker players, they must have made some contribution to the continued growth and success of the game with standing and positive influence.

In order to place a nomination, you are simply required to furnish your full name, postal address, country of residence, email address, birth date and the person that you wish to nominate. You may also include any additional comments on why you chose the nominee. All entries are limited to 250 words. You can submit your nomination at the official World Series of Poker web site.

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