Mar 9 2011

Poker Players Alliance responds to NJ governor’s veto

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Former United States Senator and current Poker Players Alliance Chairman Alphonse D’Amato issued a statement regarding the recent veto of the online gambling bill that had passed through the New Jersey Legislature and Senate before being nixed by Governor Chris Christie’s veto pen.

In the statement issued on the PPA website D’Amato stated:

“We firmly believe that licensing and regulating online poker is the best and most effective way to protect consumers, protect Americans’ internet freedom and generate much needed revenue… However, the PPA also firmly believes that given the borderless nature of the internet, these interests would be best served by federal legislation that would provide licensing and regulation of interstate poker, as opposed to state-by-state regulation, whereby players in New Jersey could only play with other players in the Garden State.”

It would appear that the PPA is sticking to its original intention of focusing the fight for legalized online poker to the federal level where it would keep the global poker market virtually intact, instead of carving out sections of the country and severely limiting the overall player pool.

The New Jersey bill is still not dead, as the bill’s creator Senator Robert Lesniak plans to rework the bill and send it back to the governor, or even turn it into a ballot referendum in November, allowing New Jersey residents to vote on the measure.

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