Aug 22 2010

Possible Cake Switch for Victory Poker

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Last year, Victory Poker flew into online poker by acquiring a stable of premiere online poker players such as Antonio Esfandiari and bringing the small and unrecognized poker network Everleaf on board. Following the addition of Victory Poker to their offering, Everleaf vastly improved the amount of traffic experienced on their network. Of course, Victory Poker has recently been suspected to be very much limited by the small poker network and recent rumors suggest that the web site might be shopping for a network change – most likely either to Cake or Merge. Such a change would greatly improve the traffic statistics of the web site and allow it to continue expanding.

The CEO of Victory Poker, Dan Fleshyman, recently stated that he would be revealing an “exciting announcement” about the continuing growth of Victory Poker at his birthday party on September 1st. This statement comes after the large amount of time that Fleshyman has spent in Vancouver, Canada over the course of the last month. Vancouver is the headquarters of the two large poker networks that are speculated to be the possible route for Victory Poker.

The addition of Victory Poker to the Cake Poker Network would be a major boost for the network that has recently experienced a host of problems. For example, Cake recently lost a couple of critical web sites that were boosting its rankings. In addition, Cake was also a recent recipient of a serious security gap that had to be addressed. This breach quickly caused the network traffic to drop significantly and crippled the network’s ability to compete with larger companies. By adding Victory Poker to their roster, Cake could get the boost they need to get back into the top 10 poker networks online.

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