Feb 11 2010

Rush Poker – New Game at Full Tilt

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Rush Poker is the new poker game available exclusively at Full Tilt Poker. Rush Poker abides by the same standard set of poker rules that everyone is used to, but it offers an exciting twist. As soon as players fold their hand they will be instantly moved to a new table where they receive two new cards. This eliminates the waiting between hands. What this also does is change the strategy that most players are used to.

Typically poker players are able to turn a profit based on, in part, the inability of other players to play patiently. It is easy to take advantage of players who force the issue when they don’t have to. Rush Poker makes it difficult to exploit other’s impatience as a new hand is always starting. Does this mean that there isn’t any type of optimal strategy for Rush Poker? Absolutely not, in fact Rush Poker strategy is incredibly simple to adhere to.

Sticking to the Basics

Online poker has certainly seen a jump in the average skill level over the past few years. Most players are going to end up losing, even if only a little, money if they simply apply an ABC poker strategy. With Rush Poker, however, an ABC poker strategy can be extremely successful. All that you will have to do is pick your spots and take advantage of players who overplay their mediocre holdings.

The problem with playing a strictly ABC poker style is that many of your opponents will be doing the exact same thing. In order to combat this you will need to occasionally steal the blinds and turn up the aggression. Don’t try to make reads that are heavily dependent upon specific player tendencies (such as a light 3-bet pre flop). There is no room for fancy play in Rush Poker because the other players are generally only going to be playing their strong hands.

Stealing the blinds is a low risk way to ensure that you are picking up some small, uncontested pots. Advanced play will make things unnecessarily complicated in Rush Poker. Don’t play super tight or passively; you should still be sticking to a tight aggressive style of play. Rush Poker doesn’t call for a complete change in strategy, it is more of a modification of your existing strategy, assuming of course that you are winning.


Rush Poker will allow players to make very precise reads with little effort. Where a 3-bet might be called with a weak hand by many players in standard ring games, Rush Poker players have a reason to throw away their trashy hands. Rush Poker’s unique format creates an opportunity for players to move on to the next hand even faster than they are accustomed to. This means that there will be less reason to play weaker holdings.

The thing to remember when playing Rush Poker, or any type of poker, is that a lot of players are simply action junkies. If they know that they can fold their hand and see a new hand in an instant, they will do it. What this means for you is that any type of opposition to aggression should be reason for worry. If they know that  a new hand could be on its way in a second, but decide to go ahead with their current hand anyway, it means that they are probably pretty strong. Don’t make things more difficult than they have to be, stay aggressive but be selective.

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