Mar 21 2011

Sunday Majors 3/21: NuggetMaster420 & Kalmuka Each Take More than $220K for Wins

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Since the impending apocalypse didn’t happen as predicted by some, another Sunday did hit the calendar on March 19th and brought a plethora of online poker tournaments with it. Millions of bucks and some prestigious poker titles were awarded on the first official day of spring. And without further ado …


Sunday Warm-Up ($200 + $15 NLHE)
Guarantee: $750K
Players: 5,018
Prize pool: $1,003,600
Paid players: 720

1st place: AntiTop1 ($148,123.67)*
2nd place: zavor ($125,791.20)*
3rd place: petteytheft ($82,797.00)
4th place: Easy Folding ($56,703.40)
5th place: Comandr_Cool ($42,653.00)
6th place: serb2127 ($32,617.00)
7th place: laibaby64 ($22,581.00)
8th place: thewrongway ($12,545.00)
9th place: Rasdam ($8,028.80)
*2-way deal

Stars Pros with mo dough: Dusty “Leatherass9” Schmidt 369th, Clayton “cnew27” Newman 642nd

DNG Sunday Special ($50 + $5)
Guarantee: $300K
Players: 7,945
Prize pool: $397,250
Paid players: 1,170

1st place: NININI12345 ($48,664.80)
2nd place: halkier ($32,812.85)
3rd place: roothlus2 ($22,246.00)
4th place: kajed911 ($18,074.87)
5th place: CHIQUIDEALER ($14,102.37)
6th place: FishOnPatrol ($10,129.87)
7th place: wake29 ($6,951.87)
8th place: C-J Rubin7 ($4,568.37)
9th place: CANECORSO128 ($2,780.75)

Stars Pros with mo dough: Steven “stevejpa” Paul 369th, George “gkap13” Kapalas 834th, Anh Van Nguyen 1019th

Sunday Million ($200 + $15 NLHE)
Guarantee: $1.5 million
Players: 9,594
Prize pool: $1,918,800
Paid players, 1,440

1st place: kalmuka ($234,574.03)*
2nd place: BlackMojos ($99,255.65)*
3rd place: SeraphimV ($146,066.56)*
4th place: IkBenEenBaas ($108,438.49)*
5th place: dickkemp ($109,075.66)*
6th place: upstrick77 ($135,354.39)*
7th place: XBraumeister ($38,376.00)
8th place: Mr_BigQueso ($19,188.00)
9th place: PureCash25 ($13,047.84)
*6-way deal

Stars Pros with mo dough: Anton Allemann 13th, Marcel Luske 211th, Marcello del Gross 338th, Maxim Lykov 457th, Tom McEvoy 538th, George “gkap13” Kapalas 787th, Javier “El_Canonero” Dominguez 853rd, JP Kelly 870th, Clayton “cnew27” Newman 1064th, Jason Mercier 1138th, Juan Manuel Pastor 1155th, Pat Pezzin 1196th

Sunday 500 ($500 + $30 NLHE)
Guarantee: $500K
Players: 1,117
Prize pool: $558,500
Paid players: 162

1st place: Chris “GypsieChris” Mitchell ($94,945.00)
2nd place: Skammes ($69,812.50)
3rd place: Monk532 ($53,001.65)
4th place: pablox55 ($37,978.00)
5th place: DangHes_Good ($27,645.75)
6th place: rkruok ($22,060.75)
7th place: faithless ($16,475.75)
8th place: AKBigFish ($10,890.75)
9th place: dragonwarior ($6,031.80)

Stars Pros with mo dough: Victor Ramdin 89th, Anton Allemann 146th

Sunday 2nd Chance ($200 + $15 NLHE)
Guarantee: $250K
Players: 1,508
Prize pool: $301,600
Paid players: 171

1st place: Guillaume “GCWV” Darcourt ($54,408.64)
2nd place: MILF ISLAND ($39,358.80)
3rd place: J. The Greek ($30,160.00)
4th place: zwuerbs ($22,620.00)
5th place: LISTILLO ($15,834.00)
6th place: tuck you up ($12,818.00)
7th place: bigpimpin777 ($9,802.00)
8th place: jalman69 ($6,786.00)
9th place: NestOfSalt ($4,222.40)

Stars Pros with mo dough: Maxim Lykov 70th, Leo Fernandez 84th, Dusty “Leatherass9” Schmidt 98th

Full Tilt Poker:

The Sunday Brawl ($240 + $16 knockout NLHE)
Guarantee: $400K
Players: 2,592
Prize pool: $518,400
Paid players: 279

1st place: breastknight ($105,235.20)
2nd place: Bourbonftw ($67,910.40)
3rd place: nickdawgg ($50,284.80)
4th place: TMoney209 ($37,843.20)
5th place: paigowpro ($26,438.40)
6th place: gaucho2121 ($17,625.60)
7th place: charis2 ($11,923.20)
8th place: AverageHoe ($8,294.40)
9th place: THE_GOLDMINE ($6,220.80)

FTP Pros with mo dough: Huck Seed 42nd, Bruno Stefanelli 141st, Damian Salas 219th, Johan Storakers 251st, Mike McDonald 261st,

The Sunday Mulligan ($200 + $16 NLHE)
Guarantee $200K
Players: 1,137
Prize pool: $227,400
Paid players: 108

1st place: young_diamond18 ($51,165.00)
2nd place: gboro780 ($32,404.50)
3rd place: P0KERPR0 ($23,990.70)
4th place: psutennis11 ($18,760.50)
5th place: hockey2319 ($14,212.50)
6th place: TunnanoMoroten ($10,233.00)
7th place: Vinkyy ($6,822.00)
8th place: TerrySunday ($5,116.50)
9th place: MYSTER_WINNER ($3,638.40)

FTP Pros with mo dough: Luigi Kwaysser 38th, David Pham 93rd

$1 Million Guarantee ($600 + $40 NLHE)
Players: 2,004
Prize pool: $1,202,400
Paid players: 306

1st place: NuggetMaster420 ($221,241.60)
2nd place: darrenelias ($135,871.20)
3rd place: Ozzy 87 ($88,977.60)
4th place: IHuntItuShipIt ($70,941.60)
5th place: Zackattak1327 ($54,108.00)
6th place: Sircall ($38,717.28)
7th place: matfrankland ($28,256.40)
8th place: Guithome ($22,244.40)
9th place: The_Dean221 ($16,883.60)

FTP Pros with mo dough: Peter Jetten 38th, Soi Nguyen 75th, Luigi Kwaysser 133rd, Maciek (Michael) Gracz 207th, Andrew Feldman 230th, Erica Schoenberg 284th

UB Poker:

$200K GTD ($200 + $15 NLHE)
Players: 958
Prize pool: $200,000 ($8,400 overlay)
Paid players: 90

1st place: Bryan “LETSGOOAKLAND” Paris ($44,920.00)
2nd place: SCR22 ($26,900.00)
3rd place: NO1TK ($18,300.00)
4th place: PURPLEMONSTA ($12,900.00)
5th place: GRAMPABUMKIN ($10,900.00)
6th place: HOLLYWOODDAVE ($8,900.00)
7th place: DAGGERTONY ($6,900.00)
8th place: DAVE215 ($4,900.00)
9th place: IHAVEAPLAN ($3,400.00)

UB Pros with mo dough: See Dave “HOLLYWOODDAVE” Stann in 6th place

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