Apr 11 2011

Sunday Majors 4/10: Diegoaiz Wins Second Sunday Million, Mr Boogerz Takes Biggest Payday

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It was a rare Sunday this week that brought two major tournaments with overlays for online poker players. The Sunday majors still had a solid showing for many of its regular events, but considering many live players were scattered around the globe for live events like the NAPT, WPT, EPT, LAPT, and WSOP Circuit, overall numbers were down a bit from previous weeks. Nevertheless, all events but two make their guarantees, and there were several players who walked away with six-figure wins.


Sunday Warm-Up ($200 + $15 NLHE)
Guarantee: $750K
Players: 4,634
Prize pool: $926,800
Paid players: 675

1st place: narbe86 ($145,398.49)
2nd place: RunThisTable ($107,972.20)
3rd place: dean23price ($76,461.00)
4th place: mikki696 ($52,364.20)
5th place: d0r1t0s ($39,389.00)
6th place: SLOligarh ($30,121.00)
7th place: Pr0fiteer ($20,853.00)
8th place: _Chapa_26 ($11,585.00)
9th place: Nels316 ($7,414.00)

Stars Pros with mo dough: none!

DNG Sunday Special ($50 + $5)
Guarantee: $300K
Players: 6,905
Prize pool: $345,250
Paid players: 1,080

1st place: StudentVMK ($39,227.50)*
2nd place: bedias ($32,000.00)*
3rd place: shiptosails ($19,334.00)
4th place: skoal80 ($15,881.50)
5th place: sizzlinbetta ($12,429.00)
6th place: DanHasAPlan ($8,976.50)
7th place: frands99 ($6,041.87)
8th place: slinkyshop ($3,970.37)
9th place: Librate ($2,416.75)
*2-way deal

Stars Pros with mo dough: Liv Boeree 65th, Joe “jcada99” Cada 342nd, Javier “EL_Canonero” Dominguez 944th

Sunday Storm ($10 + $1)
Guarantee: $300K
Players: 40,400
Prize pool: $404,000
Paid players: 6,300

1st place: SJU Baseball ($24,377.65)*
2nd place: kikjzs ($17,387.85)*
3rd place: zay41k ($21,279.33)*
4th place: Underdpg321 ($18,437.93)*
5th place: hesper780 ($7,635.60)
6th place: Palmero92 ($4,908.60)
7th place: mhm9999 ($3,434.00)
8th place: Pos. Thinker ($2,343.20)
9th place: anghiel ($1,717.00)
*4-way deal

Stars Pros with mo dough: Arnaud “frenchkiss” Mattern 1471st, Nuno Coelho 2276th

Sunday Million ($200 + $15 NLHE)
Guarantee: $1.5 million
Players: 8,273
Prize pool: $1,654,600
Paid players, 1,260

1st place: diegoaiz ($243,396.43)
2nd place: tonho32 ($177,869.50)
3rd place: LennanAlm ($124,095.00)
4th place: BOKPOWER ($82,730.00)
5th place: jimbo1420069 ($66,184.00)
6th place: JcSeelbach ($49,638.00)
7th place: Dercampb ($33,092.00)
8th place: kam3047 ($18,200.60)
9th place: fishvirus ($12,823.15)

Stars Pros with mo dough: Andre Akkari 56th, Viktor “Isildur1” Blom 574th, Sandra Naujoks 622nd, Grayson “spacegravy” Physioc 818th, Randy “nanonoko” Lew 1039th, Arnaud “frenchkiss” Mattern 1117th, Alex “Allingomes” Gomes 1195th

Sunday 500 ($500 + $30 NLHE)
Guarantee: $500K
Players: 962
Prize pool: $500,000 ($19,000 overlay)
Paid players: 144

1st place: Willy Banaan ($87,400.00)
2nd place: Jymaster11 ($63,500.00)
3rd place: munchenHB ($47,500.00)
4th place: MindFeeling ($35,500.00)
5th place: LSgambler ($25,000.00)
6th place: Mr. C. Brown ($20,000.00)
7th place: Skipaway99 ($15,000.00)
8th place: JBlaze20 ($10,000.00)
9th place: Monk532 ($5,750.00)

Stars Pros with mo dough: none!

Sunday 2nd Chance ($200 + $15 NLHE)
Guarantee: $250K
Players: 1,395
Prize pool: $279,000
Paid players: 162

1st place: “88k” ($50,443.20)
2nd place: Castor ($36,549.00)
3rd place: Vinkyy ($27,900.00)
4th place: JP OSU ($20,925.00)
5th place: Gualter S. ($14,647.50)
6th place: westy14 ($11,857.50)
7th place: kinheim ($9,067.50)
8th place: iMsoLucky0 ($6,277.50)
9th place: Browntown19 ($3,906.00)

Stars Pros with mo dough: See Gualter Salles above, Pat Pezzin 47th, Lex Veldhuis 63rd, Liv Boeree 80th

Full Tilt Poker:

The Sunday Brawl
($240 + $16 knockout NLHE)
Guarantee: $400,000
Players: 2,676
Prize pool: $535,200
Paid players: 279

1st place: Exan13 ($75,982.21)*
2nd place: mimatadero ($73,388.99)*
3rd place: lindah3 ($81,300.00)*
4th place: aviator0925 ($39,069.60)
5th place: Dk4884 ($27,295.20)
6th place: BustedWadZ ($18,196.80)
7th place: fly44 ($12,309.60)
8th place: MrSwain666 ($8,563.20)
9th place: Nakkehai ($6,422.40)
*3-way deal

FTP Pros with mo dough: Jordan Morgan 28th, Svetlana Gromenkova 66th, Raul Paez 130th, Fabian Quoss 157th

The Sunday Mulligan ($200 + $16 NLHE)
Guarantee $200K
Players: 1,001
Prize pool: $200,200
Paid players: 108

1st place: viirusss ($45,045.00)
2nd place: -StAr3K- ($28,528.50)
3rd place: SteFior73 ($21,121.10)
4th place: dfunks222 ($16,516.50)
5th place: cod meharly ($12,512.50)
6th place: Wu-Wizard ($9,009.00)
7th place: ThrillCory90 ($6,006.00)
8th place: Simonvk ($4,504.50)
9th place: WHOPPWHOPP ($3,203.20)

FTP Pros with mo dough: Leo Bello 41st, Caio Pimenta 59th, Martin Kabrhel 73rd

$1.5 Million Guarantee ($200 + $16 NLHE)
Players: 9,612
Prize pool: $1,922,400
Paid players: 1,080

1st place: Mr Boogerz ($307,584.00)
2nd place: Caio Brites ($211,464.00)
3rd place: Toty0611 ($149,947.20)
4th place: BeckReloaded ($109,576.80)
5th place: TheBrain ($80,740.80)
6th place: PIPERSTARK ($57,672.00)
7th place: bz833 ($40,370.40)
8th place: TheAssassinato ($27,874.80)
9th place: jambrose55 ($19,608.48)

FTP Pros with mo dough: David Pham 47th, Jordan Morgan 69th, Raul Paez 208th & 576th, Lee Watkinson 214th, Farzad Bonyadi 223rd, James Dempsey 304th, Jon Turner 353rd & 362nd, Scott Clements 365th, Erick Lindgren 376th, Jared “TheWacoKidd” Hamby 444th, David Chiu 477th & 928th, James Bord 568th, Peter Jetten 619th, Bruno STefanelli 925th, Pasqual Lefrancois 1023rd

UB Poker:

$200K GTD ($200 + $15 NLHE)
Players: 906
Prize pool: $200,000 ($18,800 overlay)
Paid players: 90

1st place: LIFECOOLER ($44,920.00)
2nd place: THEROOKIEQQ9 ($26,900.00)
3rd place: THECHEMIST83 ($18,300.00)
4th place: CHRIS44 ($12,900.00)
5th place: JBLAZE20 ($10,900.00)
6th place: AACOHEN ($8,900.00)
7th place: JDPC27 ($6,900.00)
8th place: KOOLDUDE904 ($4,900.00)
9th place: D1RTYR1V3R ($3,400.00)

UB Pros with mo dough: Joe Sebok 17th

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