May 9 2011

Sunday Majors 5/08: Sunday Brawl and $750K Guarantee Return to FTP Lineup

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This was a week of changes for the Sunday Majors report. First, there were some tournaments that had to go. We typically track those with guarantees of $200K or more, and two of the regulars fell below that mark due to Black Friday changes. So, we say goodbye (in our report only) to the PokerStars Sunday 2nd Chance, now with a $125K guarantee, and the Full Tilt Sunday Mulligan, now with a $75K guarantee.

The Sunday Brawl and the $750K Guarantee are back from the Full Tilt abyss because the recent installment of FTOPS tournaments concluded. But with the start of SCOOP on PokerStars, the Sunday Warm-Up and Sunday Million are on hiatus until the series’ completion.

With all of that said, let’s get to the numbers!


The Bigger $55 (formerly DNG Sunday Special) ($50 + $5)
Guarantee: $200K (reduced from $300K)
Players: 4,492 (last week was 4,935)
Prize pool: $224,600 (last week was $246,750)
Paid players: 675 (last week was 720)

1st place: jojcij ($28,748.80)
2nd place: freeisland ($20,101.70)
3rd place: WIGGOSKRUB ($13,386.16)
4th place: Edo-1961 ($11,230.00)
5th place: burtelsons ($8,984.00)
6th place: mitata27 ($6,738.00)
7th place: CAZcadeur ($4,492.00)
8th place: nilz_88 ($2,695.20)
9th place: dikn ($1,751.00)

Sunday Storm ($10 + $1)
Guarantee: $200K (reduced from $300K)
Players: 24,343 (last week was 26,838)
Prize pool: $243,430 (last week was $268,380)
Paid players: 3,600 (last week was 4,500)

1st place: K0VAK ($23,279.34)
2nd place: Seran969 ($17,161.81)
3rd place: john4kos8 ($11,319.49)
4th place: ashpro2010 ($8,885.19)
5th place: xlrishkax ($6,450.89)
6th place: Lorielle L ($4,260.02)
7th place: DJDale28 ($3,042.87)
8th place: kot3milo ($1,983.95)
9th place: mabn ($1,302.35)

Sunday 500 ($500 + $30 NLHE)
Guarantee: $250K (reduced from $500K)
Players: 489 (last week was 562)
Prize pool: $250,000 (last week was $281,000)
Paid players: 72 (last week was 81)

1st place: Jackovich ($38,294.23)*
2nd place: AverageGreg ($33,229.72)*
3rd place: GreaWW ($35,851.05)*
4th place: armenioz ($19,250.00)
5th place: Team PokerStars Pro Pat Pezzin ($13,500.00)
6th place: PieterGvh ($10,625.00)
7th place: justinl2 ($8,125.00)
8th place: Moorman1 ($5,625.00)
9th place: Obar89 ($3,825.00)
*3-way deal

Full Tilt Poker:

The Sunday Brawl ($240 + $16 knockout NLHE)
Guarantee: $200K (reduced from $400K and then $250K)
Players: 1,295
Prize pool: $259,000
Paid players: 135

1st place: vvschips ($56,980.00)
2nd place: oletordaniel2mk ($36,260.00)
3rd place: deniskomisz ($26,223.75)
4th place: Cm3on5th ($21,043.75)
5th place: Ph0t0gr4f3r ($15,876.70)
6th place: yamchae ($11,655.00)
7th place: bu0rky ($7,511.00)
8th place: xBlacKKingx ($5,439.00)
9th place: Bannana Thief ($3,885.00)

$750K Guarantee ($200 + $16 NLHE)
Players: 4,555
Prize pool: $911,000
Paid players: 540

1st place: King2173 ($163,069.00)
2nd place: Flush_Entity ($112,964.00)
3rd place: SuitedAces44 ($80,896.80)
4th place: GIAMPP ($60,126.00)
5th place: masta ($44,639.00)
6th place: Intervention ($30,974.00)
7th place: waterfish101 ($20,953.00)
8th place: Visdiabuli ($14,576.00)
9th place: gherkan ($10,021.00)

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