May 16 2011

Sunday Majors 5/15: $1 Million Guarantee on Full Tilt Garners $1.5M Prize Pool

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What’s left of the Sunday majors is an ever-changing scene. Two of the big PokerStars tournaments – Bigger $55 and Sunday Storm – have lost significant players in the last two weeks, possibly due to concurrently running SCOOP events, though the Sunday 500 actually gained player this week. And the big offering on Full Tilt Poker each Sunday changes of its own volition, as last week it was the $750K Guarantee with a $200 buy-in, and this week it was the $1 Million Guarantee with a $600 buy-in. Ever-changing for certain.

No matter, the online poker world must be glad to see any tournaments on the “majors” list after losing U.S. customers one month ago. As Americans continue to begrudge the developments of Black Friday, the rest of the world can count on some online poker in their world.

This weekend’s stats are as follows:


The Bigger $55 (formerly DNG Sunday Special) ($50 + $5)
Guarantee: $200K (reduced from $300K)
Players: 4,101 (last week was 4,492)
Prize pool: $205,050 (last week was $224,600)
Paid players: 630 (last week was 675)

1st place: uknowProsky* ($21,079.47)*
2nd place: tukker1988 ($18,930.33)*
3rd place: fsp04 ($17,200.54)*
4th place: birs320 ($10,252.50)
5th place: pokerpimps81 ($8,202.00)
6th place: Play4vodka ($6,151.50)
7th place: CHIQUIDEALER ($4,101.00)
8th place: spoonface ($2,563.12)
9th place: cookymon$ter ($1,660.90)
*3-way deal

Sunday Storm ($10 + $1 NLHE)
Guarantee: $200K (reduced from $300K)
Players: 22,798 (last week was 24,343)
Prize pool: $227,980 (last week was $243,430)
Paid players: 3,600

1st place: gabyzzu ($21,810.53)
2nd place: BarnyStinsen ($16,072.59)
3rd place: Poeira4 ($10,601.07)
4th place: AFGCSB ($8,321.27)
5th place: 5th Suit ($6,041.47)
6th place: ca2103 ($3,989.65)
7th place: kedys ($2,849.75)
8th place: gliuk_77 ($1,858.03)
9th place: pipo83xx ($1,219.69)

Sunday 500 ($500 + $30 NLHE)
Guarantee: $250K (reduced from $500K)
Players: 524 (last week was 489)
Prize pool: $262,000 (last week was $250,000)
Paid players: 81 (last week was 72)

1st place: itzlingerass ($49,256.00)
2nd place: steve3331 ($35,894.00)
3rd place: B4d3m3!st3r ($26,462.00)
4th place: viela2255 ($19,912.00)
5th place: schNITzzzel ($13,990.80)
6th place: shaihulud ($11,135.00)
7th place: jampiriki ($8,515.00)
8th place: MiniPop ($5,895.00)
9th place: TheMagican ($3,930.00)

Full Tilt Poker:

The Sunday Brawl ($240 + $16 knockout NLHE)
Guarantee: $200K (reduced from $400K and then $250K)
Players: 1,399 (last week was 1,295)
Prize pool: $279,800 (last week was $259,000)
Paid players: 135

1st place: delaney_kid ($61,556.00)
2nd place: The Slow Wind ($39,172.00)
3rd place: maddevil69 ($28,329.75)
4th place: supertato ($22,733.75)
5th place: misskim7 ($17,151.74)
6th place: Kirill333 ($12,591.00)
7th place: rdcrsn ($8,114.20)
8th place: raminator10 ($5,875.80)
9th place: nicos11 ($4,197.00)

$1 Million Guarantee ($600 + $40 NLHE)
Players: 2,587
Prize pool: $1,552,200
Paid players: 351

1st place: PreshaDroppa ($236,339.60)*
2nd place: rdcrsn ($223,189.13)*
3rd place: whatariver1 ($114,397.14)
4th place: dante-sp ($91,269.36)
5th place: sozsozsoz ($69,072.90)
6th place: damnhomie0 ($49,670.40)
7th place: noirduck ($36,476.70)
8th place: Tenkamusou ($28,560.48)
9th place: WhatsUpDoc91 ($21,730.80)
*2-way deal

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