Feb 14 2011

The 10 Best Poker Scenes in Movies [YouTube Version]

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As any seasoned poker player would know, most representations of poker in the movies are ridiculous. Unlikely hands, long dramatic scenes showcasing their Houdini-like cheating skills, and fights at the table that rarely ever surface in real life poker games.

Below we’ve gathered the most notorious, ridiculous, hilarious and unlikely poker scenes from movies. Did we leave out any of your favorites? Comment with a link and share!

In no particular order:

1. Rounders

This is probably the most notorious movie featuring Texas Hold ‘Em that’s been released. This movie has it all, a poker celebrity cameo, skills that no poker player would ever have, and poker lessons any level of player can learn from. Oh, we also can’t forget John Malkovich’s awful Russian accent!

2. Cool Hand Luke

Ever heard the term “kick a buck” at a poker table and not known what the heck the person was talking about?

3. Lucky You

While the general consensus among movie-goers is that Lucky You was a major dud, this clip still provides some great insight to the art of poker table talk.

4. The Sting

Probably one of the funniest moments showcasing cheating in poker.

5. Casino Royale

The likelihood of each of these hands showing up all at once is so nil it’s laughable, combined with the notion that an experienced player would probably not have stayed in the hand with the hole cards 5S and 7S. But, what is a James Bond film without drama?

6. Shade

Jamie Foxx was either acting very well or he’d make a horrible poker player.

7. Honeymoon in Vegas

Nicolas Cage in the most unlikely cooler ever.

8. The Cincinnati Kid

A lesson in when to keep your mouth shut at the table.

9. Maverick

Ah, the coveted Royal Flush. A hand about as common as a solar eclipse, and even less common in the presence of a straight flush.

10. Ocean’s 11

A hilarious mock scene where Brad Pitt tries to teach celebrities to play poker.

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