Feb 3 2011

The Best Poker Apps for your Mobile Device

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It’s no secret our lifestyles are becoming increasingly mobile. With the advent of the internet and social media, we have the capability to be plugged-in at all times, and the easiest way to do this is through mobile devices. When Full Tilt released their Rush Poker app for Android late last year, there was a large positive response from the poker community regarding the ability to play poker on-the-go for real money. While the opportunities to play online poker for real money on mobile devices are still limited, there are numerous apps we as poker players can utilize for bankroll management, finding tournaments, and practicing Texas Hold’em.

We’ve scoured the ‘net and compiled a list of poker apps on various mobile devices to help you hone your skills and keep current with poker from the touch of your phone. Below are reviews of the ones we think are most helpful for BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android users.

BlackBerry Poker Apps
  • Poker Life Line
    A mobile session tracking and analysis program that tracks your performance by game and location, and provides win-rate and profit-loss stats. It also gives you standard deviation and average time per session.
  • Poker Challenge
    Best for beginning players. App sits you at a table against three opponents. The interesting thing about this app is that it includes realistic photo images and face expressions with the ability to use your own photos.
  • Texas Hold’em Poker Odds Calculator
    A calculator to track your odds of winning the hand in play. This app will calculate odds of winning a hand at pre-flop, the flop, the turn, and the river. You can also include known or unknown cards in each simulation.
  • PokerZig Poker Tournament Finder
    Lists the poker tournaments closest to you. Includes details such as buy-ins, average payout, length, and number of players in each tournament. An added bonus is that once it’s updated, you do not need a Wi-Fi connection to use it. It also provides directions to all casinos on Google Maps.
  • Downtown Texas Hold’em
    A poker game app for varied skill levels. There is a practice mode before starting the game, and a career mode for you to start gaining chips. Reviews state the interface could be faster, but overall it is a good app.
  • World Series of Poker: Hold’em Legend
    The branded World Series of Poker app that allows you to play poker in single- or multi-player mode for fun. At $2.99, it is expensive for this kind of app considering free ones are available, but most reviewers have stated it is worth the money.
  • WPT Hold’em
    The branded World Poker Tour app that allows you to play poker in multi-player mode while sitting up to eight players at a table. At $2.99, the price is high, but reviewers say the graphics make it worthwhile. Some reviewers have stated the app will not load depending on the kind of BlackBerry you own.

Other BlackBerry Poker Apps:
Practical Poker Math (ebook)Big2 PokerWorld Poker Tour 2 – Texas Hold’emPoker Buddy Poker Swap3 Card Poker Midnight Hold’em PokerNegreanu Pro Poker Poker BlastTexas Hold’em Poker Rules and Tips (ebook Free)A Poker Guide Million Dollar Poker feat Gus HansenPoker 3 The BluffPokerClock – Poker Tournament Blind TrackerWorld Series of Poker Pro ChallengeAces Texas Hold’em – Limit

iPhone Poker Apps

The iPhone does not support many poker applications, probably because Apple has a strict stance on online gambling.

  • Zynga Poker
    Zynga Poker is probably the biggest network of mobile poker players in free money games you will find. It requires a Facebook account to play the game, and while some reviewers like that it linked to their Facebook Zynga account, some did not like that it posted updates about their play on their Facebook wall.
  • Texas Hold’em Poker
    A Solitaire-esque version of Texas Hold’em as you can only play against computer opponents. This is a good version if you’re not looking to be social, but just practice your poker game.
  • Poker Hand Guide
    Great for beginners, this app tells you all the hands you can attain in poker, and how they’re constructed. If you don’t play poker often, this may be the app to refresh your memory.
  • Video Poker
    A one-player video poker app that does not use an internet connection. Good emulation of a simple video poker game you’d play in a casino, but since it’s only one player, there is no social interaction.
  • Scenario Poker
    Tournament-style app that allows you to play in a multi-table tournament of up to 27 simulated opponents. This is a great app for practicing your MTT play strategies.

*Honorable Mention for non-US Players:
Switch Poker
While you won’t find Switch Poker in the iPhone app store, if you go to the Web site via your iPhone, the site is compatible with the iPhone’s interface, allowing you to play for real money.

Android Poker Apps
  • Zynga Poker
    See above review in iPhone section. However, on Android, reviews say the app does not work as well with the Android interface, which can cause blips in operation. But because of the monster size of Zynga’s network, this is still an app worth having.
  • WSOP Hold’em Legend
    See above review in BlackBerry section. However, the Android price is now $4.99 for this app. It periodically drops in price, and then goes back up to $4.99, so watch the market to get a good price.
  • Live Hold’em Poker Pro
    One of the Android Market poker go-to games. The reviews state no issues stem from this game, and there is smooth interaction and a large group of players.
  • Appeak Poker
    With a very large network of players, and good reviews, this may be the best poker playing app choice to play poker with others for free. Many reviews state it’s even better than the Dragonplay option.
  • Full Tilt Poker Rush Mobile
    Full Tilt, a very popular online poker website, created an app for their new and popular Rush Poker game. Since Full Tilt is a site where players play for real money, and Android Market does not support gambling, the only version of this app in Android Market is for play money. However, you can download the FullTilt app that gives you access to real money play.

Other Android Poker Apps:
Ultimate Hold’em TimerPai Gow PokerTexas Hold’em OddsPoker LogPapaya Live PokerPoker Session Logger m:Poker LiveNo Fuss Planning Poker Poker Blinds TimerPoker Director Beta Poker Hands OrderPoker OddsPlanning PokerPoker Odds EvaluatorPoker PalPoker Income Bankroll TrackerPoker Cheat Sheet

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