Aug 15 2010

Three Premiere Canadian Poker Players to Compete in Canadian Open Poker Championship

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Three top players from Canada will be participating in next Thursday’s Canadian Open Poker Championships – Greg Mueller, Gavin Smith and Matthew Jarvis. Greg Mueller won dual WSOP bracelets in 2009 while Gavin Smith secured a bracelet in this year’s WSOP. Matthew Jarvis is, of course, one of the nine players that will continue to play in the main event of this year’s World Series of Poker in November. The Canadian Open Poker Championship will take place in Calgary and will be made up of thirteen events during the eleven days of the contest. The Cash, Deerfoot, and Grey Eagle Casinos will all be hosting the events this year.

Several major events will be featured at the tournaments including a $5k Heads Up Tournament, $2k NL Texas Holdem event and the Ladies’ National Championship. In total, the estimated prize package for all events this year is more than $3.5 million. During each night of the tournaments in Calgary, the Ultimate Players Party will take place at the local Rusty Cage.

Matthew Jarvis is the most well known player that will be taking part in the event. Jarvis can largely attribute his fame to his fantastic showing at this year’s WSOP main event. Jarvis will participate in the November portion of the tournament in the 5th position with more than 16 million in his chip stack. By making it to November, Jarvis has already secured his largest tournament prize since he began playing with more than $800,000 already in his pocket.

Besides playing well this year, Gavin Smith has also gained a reputation of being among the most consistent players in the past 10 years. In 2006, Smith was elected the Player of the Year. In the past 12 years, Smith has accumulated more than $5 million in poker winnings.

Greg Mueller is also known as Full Blown Tilt and has gained a reputation for bringing his former experience as a hockey player to the poker tables – in the form of intense aggression. During WSOP play, Mueller has managed to cash a total of 19 times and had his best performance recently in 2007 and 2009. However, 2009 was also the year when he finally won his first WSOP bracelet. To date, Mueller has won an estimated $1.7 million in tournament poker play.

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