Mar 1 2010

Turbo Sit N Go Strategy

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Turbo Sit n Gos are the faster paced cousin of a standard Sit n Go. In most Sit n Gos there will be 15 minute blinds, but in turbo Sit n Gos the blinds will move up every 5 minutes or so. This will force players to accumulate chips much more quickly than would otherwise be necessary.

A lot of players tend to get over anxious in turbo Sit n Gos, but this will be destructive. You will not have a whole lot of time to waste, but you will still have ample time to practice solid strategy. There is no need to be open shoving right away, this is a move that could wait till a little later in the game. Remember that most turbo Sit n Gos will also give players less time to act. If you normally dilly dally over common situations you will find yourself struggling to survive in turbo Sit n Gos.

The increased blind speed and the lowered time allowed to act will be the only noticeable differences, however, so your strategy should not be dramatically altered. Instead you will find that there is only one real dynamic that is added to turbo Sit n Gos, the need to incorporate a push/fold strategy.

Early Stages

The early stages should be easy to play, everything will be pretty much the same as it is in a normal Sit n Go. You can play a selective range of starting hands and look to get involved in some post flop play with weaker opponents. Don’t try to alter your strategy in the early stages of a turbo Sit n Go. If you adhere to your standard strategy for the early stages of a normal Sit n Go when you play a turbo Sit n Go, you will be just fine. Now, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to look for spots where you could accumulate a large amount of chips, but it isn’t absolutely necessary.

Later Stages

The later stages of a turbo Sit n Go are where the play becomes a bit more unclear. You will need to adopt a push/fold strategy. In other words, you won’t be able to make raises pre-flop and then throw your hand away, or just call someone else’s raise. The reason for this is because your stack size, relative to the blinds, will be much too small for you to try and make plays. If you think you will force folds or if you have a strong hand, just go all in. There will be random situations where you can make small raises in an attempt to build the pot up when you have a strong hand, but they will be rare. You should be looking for opportunities to go all in, the rest of the time you should be folding, it is as simple as that. If you are deep stacked you will be able to see a few more flops, but even then you will want to get your opponents all in or force them to fold. Avoid as many post flop situations as possible, you just won’t have enough chips to try and outplay your opponents.

This was a very brief overview of turbo Sit n Go strategy, but hopefully the basics will be enough to set you on the right course.

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