May 23 2010

Not So Quick Update

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As you can see my old domain is redirecting to this one. I made this change because I am going to start writing posts again and I figured I might as well do it on my site instead of my old blog. So if you have a blog and it used to link to my old site, feel free to update the link. As you can see I have kept everyone in the blogroll who was on the old one. I know half of you haven’t updated your blogs in months, but neither have I so I’ve kept you all up.

So what have I been up to?

I’ve really just been working on this site. I’ve pretty much let every other project go stale because this is the one that means the most to me and in my eyes it’s the only one worth pursuing. As you can see at Mike’s Blog , we recently went to a search conference in Tampa. While it was fun, we both pretty much agree that what we do is much different than what “they” do. We go to learn, they go because their trip is paid for and their boss told them. I’m pretty much burnt out on conferences. It boils down to this: If I want to get bombed and stay out until 6am, I can do that in my own town and not pay thousands of dollars to go do it in eastern Europe. I have the knowledge and tools I need to make things work, it’s just a matter of sitting down and doing it.

Some of what I’ve been up to consists of building up the strategy section and posting kick ass infographics like this and this. So keep checking back here, I’ve got a few more REALLY kick ass infographics coming up that your are gonna want to link to. ;-)

The Hog

Back in January I bought a motorcycle. It was a “crotch rocket“. While it was fun and fast as hell, I didn’t really feel like it was right for me. So last week I made the move and traded that death machine for a Nightster. So now my time is pretty much consumed with cruising. With the weather being nice, it’s tough to sit at the computer for very long. It’s nice to take a break and go for a cruise.


It’s been about a year since I moved back to Georgia from Colorado. The lease on my house is up, and since I don’t want to live in a dump anymore I’ll have to move. It is really going to suck, and I’m not looking forward to it whatsoever. I’ll definitely miss the crazy nights and throwing stuff off the back porch into the creek (RIP to the shop vac, dvd player, bookshelf, mop, numerous pots and pans, squeegee, about 15-20 40oz bottles, numerous dishes and cups, a subwoofer box with 2 12′s, and of course our grill.) I’ll also miss the office/beat laboratory. Nothing is more fun than waking up in the morning and throwing down a John Bonham style drum solo, then turning on the mesa half stack and blasting guitar.

That’s all for now, I’m down in Panama City, Florida for the week.

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