Jun 10 2010

Vegas Casino Secrets

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casino carpetEven though money is tight for a lot of corporations, Vegas rocks on, making millions and millions of dollars every year. What exactly are they doing differently? How can they make so much money while the majority of companies today struggle just to make a buck? What does Vegas know that you and I don’t?

Yeah, they have bright lights, beautiful girls, lots of glitz… but come on, it’s a dessert. It’s hot and dry, and people lose money there. And yet, they can’t wait to come back again and again.

What’s the secret? Las Vegas practices some very clever marketing techniques, and they work. Casinos are in the entertainment business, and like most entertainment venues, we are expected to pay for the fun. But the price of Six Flags or going to the movies has a fixed price, for the most part, while casinos do not. You control what you spend. Truth be told, most people will lose when they visit the casino. This is the price they pay for the chance to win. But what you need to know is that the casinos primary business is separating you from your money and all the while making you think you’re having a great time. If you want to see other ways Vegas casino take your money, read this article on Vegas Ripoffs.

Lots of people get “lost” in all this fun and excitement. The atmosphere is exhilarating. It’s like a party, and everybody loves a party! If you are walking by when someone wins, it gives you the feeling that you too can win. You can really get caught up in it when you’re young and naïve, so try to keep these next things in mind when you’re having the time of your life in Sin City!

Crazy Carpets

Dr. David Schwarts from the Center of Gamin Research in Nevada said, “Casino carpet is known as an exercise in deliberate bad taste that somehow encourages people to gamble.” The theory behind ugly carpeting is to make it so hard on your eyes that you have to look up. Also the colors and patterns are designed stimulate you. Yeah, they are tacky, but also mesmerizing. (I always thought it was to hide the puke stains.)

How Can You Sleep When You Don’t Know What Time it Is?

No clocks are allowed in the decor of most casinos. They want you to forget about time and stay focused on the game. It almost feels magical, like a world unto itself and in the casino world “they” control time, and in their world it is never ever late. You always have time to play another hand. Staying open 24/7 is the best way to keep customers playing as long as possible.

Where Else Do You Get Free Alcohol that Runs Like Water?

Thirsty? – What guy doesn’t like a free drink? The casino is happy to supply you with free drinks while you are playing. After all, there’s nothing like a few stiff drinks to help bring down some of your inhibitions. It helps you forget that those chips you are holding represent real money. (That’s another trick) once you convert your cash into chips, your actual money seems to lose its value. Players have a tendency to play out a few chips rather than be bothered by cashing out at the cage.

The Maze

Lets say you’re sober, and you’ve won and now you want to cash out. You still have to pass by machines to find the cashier. If you’ll notice, the cashiers, bars, bathrooms, and food service are rarely in the front of a casino. You have to get out your compass and map and search for them. The casino is hoping that if you’re leaving the tables, you might stop and part with a little more of your winnings or the cash you have left over before you leave the premises.

They’re Playing My Song!

Have you ever listened to the soundtrack at the casino? You’ll probably recognize it because it’s the same technique that food stores use. It’s not individual songs; it’s a continuous loop. It’s called ambient music, which is used to create a relaxing atmosphere. When you are relaxed and comfortable, you settle into what you’re doing. Slot machines also have an ambient tone while being played. It is the major C chord, which is supposed to be psychologically pleasurable.

Near Wins

The slot machines give near wins and small wins. When you see the big jackpot is just one tiny spot away on your last spin, it makes you think, “I almost won!”  It gives you the false hope that maybe if you try just one more time, you’ll hit the jackpot. Of course, there is the small win, like the traditional 3 cherries, you get a little money back, and you feel like your luck is changing… keeps you going.

Whoa Nelly!

The pace of the casino is fast. The dealers try to deal at lightning speed. With all the action going on the brain pumps out adrenaline to help it process all of the information that is being transmitted through flashing lights, loud sounds, rapid movement, and all of the other sensations that you will find in a casino. Take a breath to make sure you are playing your hand correctly at the tables. If you are playing the machines, slow down the rate you are hitting the spin button.

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