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While Bodog Poker does not offer a true Linux compatible poker software program, it does offer a no download instant play software version for Linux poker players. The instant play software program is Bodog Poker's solution to Linux, Mac and Ubuntu operating systems. Fortunately, Bodog Poker's Linux instant play program is easily accessible and will let you play at real money poker tables alongside PC poker players.

Bodog Poker

Accessing Bodog's Linux Instant Play

1. Direct your Internet browser to Bodog Poker's official site.

2. Click the Features tab on the homepage and then select the Instant Play option located on the left side menu.

3. Click the Instant Play button to launch the program.

4. The instant play software will launch in a separate Internet browser window. Make sure any pop up blocker is disabled before launching the instant play software.

5. Once loaded, the instant play software will show Bodog Poker's cash game selection.

The cash game selection screen will give you quick access to various Bodog Poker cash games that are available for Linux users. You'll also be able to quickly register for a real money poker account in order to gain access to your account and banking options.

Bodog Poker Linux Game Types

Bodog Poker's instant play software for Linux operating systems is bare bones and only features Texas Hold'em game play. Through the instant play software, you receive access to no limit, pot limit and fixed limit Texas Hold'em cash games. Unfortunately, the software does not give you access to any alternative poker game types such as Omaha or Razz and does not contain tournament game play.

Differences Between Bodog Poker's Instant Play Linux and Downloadable Software

Bodog Poker's instant play software for Linux machines is quite different compared to the standard downloadable poker program. Bodog's instant play software only contains the minimum features needed to play real money poker. You only receive access to Texas Hold'em cash games, without the ability to enter into any tournaments. The majority of game play features have not been transferred over from the downloadable software version. Linux users will only be able to play on one cash game table at a time and do not have access to different player avatars, table felt colors or card deck colors. Players also cannot adjust the folded hand display.

Bodog Poker's instant play software is a no-frills version of their standard downloadable software program. Linux players will have access to Bodog Poker's Texas Hold'em cash games but cannot participate in tournaments or play at more than one table at a time. Despite the absence of features, the instant play software is still the primary way for Linux poker players to enjoy Bodog Poker's services.

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