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Bodog is one of the most highly regarded poker sites today. However, its popularity and level of game play do not mean unlimited software options for all players. Due to the relative unpopularity of the Ubuntu operating system, most software developers do not create download clients for Ubuntu, and the software at Bodog Poker is no different. However, there is a way to get around the fact that Bodog Poker does not offer a download client for Ubuntu players by using emulators.

Bodog Poker

Installing Bodog Poker on Ubuntu

Before you can begin installing the client, you need to first install Wine, which is a Windows emulator for Ubuntu.

1. Open Synaptic in Ubuntu.

2. Click on Settings, then Repositories and click on Universe to enable it.

3. Search for Wine, click on it, mark it for installation and click Apply.

4. Once Wine is installed on your computer, you can use your browser to go to

5. Click the Download Now icon and you should be able to download and install Bodog's poker client just as if you are using a Windows computer.

6. You will be asked to choose an installation destination for Bodog Poker - select Wine.

This will enable you to run Bodog Poker just as if it were running on Windows, giving you the same options and opportunities that are available to Windows players.

Problems with Using Emulators for Bodog Poker on Ubuntu

Bodog Poker's downloadable client was designed to run only on Windows computers. This means that the developers did not intend for the software to run on emulators through other operating systems. Getting the exact same game play that a Windows user will get will be next to impossible. You might have to install certain Windows core files on your computer as well as do some extensive debugging. Even after all that, some of the features might not work properly. However, if you have the knowledge and time, using Bodog Poker on Ubuntu is a possibility that should not be overlooked.

Bodog Poker Instant Play on Ubuntu

If you would rather just play poker in your browser, Bodog Poker offers an instant play feature for all operating systems. However, several features in the download client are not available in the instant play option including tournament play and multiple table gaming.

All that you need to run Bodog Poker's instant play on Ubuntu is a Bodog account, an up-to-date Internet browser and Flash. If you have all of these, all you need to do is click on Instant Play and you can start playing for real money immediately.

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