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written by: John

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Bodog Poker runs a VIP Program for all players that play for real money stakes. You can earn Poker Points automatically by paying into a raked pot, paying fees for a poker tournament or just spending enough time at poker tables with real money stakes. The Bodog Poker VIP program awards players with bonus money and tournament buy-ins, so the more you play the more rewards you can earn.

Bodog Poker

How to Earn Bodog Poker Points

The key to obtaining poker bonuses and tournament buy-ins is to collect Bodog Poker Points. Bodog Poker Points are earned in a number of different ways. They can be earned through playing in ring games, tournaments and by spending time at the site. When playing in raked poker games, you will earn Poker Points according to the amount of money that is being raked.

1 Point for every $1-$3 raked

0.5 Points for every $0.50 - $0.99 raked

0.25 Points for every $0.25 - $0.49 raked

0.10 Points for every $0.05 - $0.24 raked

0.05 Points for every $0.01 - $0.04 raked

When playing in a tournament, the Bodog Poker VIP program will award you with 3 Poker Points for every $1 spent in fees. Bodog Poker does not factor in the amount of the buy-in, so if you enter a $100 buy-in tournament with a $10 fee, you will earn 30 Poker Points. Bodog will also award you with 1 Poker Point for every 60 minutes you spend playing in real money games. You may only earn 500 Poker Points per month using this method.

Using Bodog Poker Points for Bonus Money

When you have earned enough Poker Points, you can trade them in for bonus cash. Every 100 points earned in the Bodog Poker VIP program will net $1.00 in bonus money. You must have a minimum of 500 points to be able to convert your Poker Points to bonus cash. The maximum amount of points you may exchange in a single day is 25,000.

Using Bodog Poker Points for Tournament Buy-Ins

Your Bodog Poker points can also be used as a buy-in for poker tournaments. This allows you to play in poker games for real money stakes, even when your poker account funds are too low. There are a few tournaments available that accept bonus points for a buy-in.

$300 Freeroll - Runs daily at 10:40 PM ET and can be accessed for only 30 points. You can compete for a portion of the $300 jackpot.

10K Points Qualifier (Turbo) - Runs on Sundays at 9:15, 10:15 and 11:15 AM ET and can be accessed for 500 points. One in every fifteen players will receive a $109 buy-in to a $10,000 guaranteed tournament.

$100K Points Qualifier - Runs on Sundays at 12:20 PM and 2:20 PM ET and can be accessed for 750 points. One in every twenty players will receive a $162 buy-in to a $100,000 guaranteed tournament.

With plenty of opportunities to earn Poker Points and plenty of ways to spend them, the Bodog Poker VIP program is one of the best ways to be rewarded just for playing. Bodog also runs frequent VIP promotions that allow you to earn additional points. You can receive 50 points right away simply for signing up for a real money Bodog Poker account.